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Side Plugin Spirits Beta 1.0.13

Updated the plugin to Spigot 1.13.2 & ProjectKorra 1.8.8 compatibility.
Added new config values for Alleviate & Intoxicate dealing with the particle colors (You may delete the old config line as it's not used anymore). To edit the colors of Alleviate & Intoxicate you must now use RGB (red green blue) color format as opposed to the 6 character hex string. You can usually find the RGB codes in the same sites where you found the 6 character hex string.
I do not recommend leaving Corrupt and Purify enabled on your server as I'm still working with them for the update. If you're able to disable them, please do. I tried disabling them in the code but these abilities are haunted and won't disable. Sorry.

New Installation Instructions
The time has come! The Spirits project has now been converted to a plugin which means you will install it differently on your server! Other things are different as well but I will get to that later.

How to install
To install this version of Spirits (Beta 1.0.12) onto your server, you will do so just like any other plugin! You will locate the "plugins" folder for your minecraft server and place it in there! You will no longer be placing the download inside of your ProjectKorra "Abilities" folder.

New Configuration File
Before downloading and installing it is important that you save the configuration you are currently using for Spirits because you will need to convert to the new file that the plugin uses. Spirits now generates its own configuration file which it uses and is stored inside of the Spirits folder found in your servers plugin folder. This file will spawn with default variables which means any edits you have in the ProjectKorra config.yml will not be applied. You must go in and change the variables manually for them to be active. Additionally, anything that used to be found in ProjectKorra's language.yml is now also found in the new config.yml inside of the Spirits folder. This includes ability descriptions and instructions. However, the spirit rank colors are still found in ProjectKorra's language.yml due to technical difficulties.

Now I will get into the change log. I will be updating the overview for Spirits as soon as this update is posted.

Converted the project to a plugin
New configuration file (found in the "Spirits" folder)
Fixed Orbs shift detection
Fixed Orbs requireGround check, it'll now work on walls and liquid surfaces
Fix Shackles force of the players point of view
Fix Shackle teleporting people after their death
Fixed the way Purify & Corrupt set elements
Fixed Purify & Corrupt not saving elements
Add detonate on command feature to Orb
Removed the ability for Spirits to attack their targets via punching while possessing them
Changed Vanish to a charge ability
Added feature to Shelter where if the spirit gets too far from their target, the ability will stop.
Added feature for Phase to require a certain amount of hearts to work.
Added Vanish feature where if the players health is below a certain amount, the range is divided by a certain factor
Added new ability: Purify - @Pride
Added new ability: Corrupt - @Pride
Added new ability: Orb
(visuals soon to come!)

Refined Spirits API for easier developing
Fixed Phase not respecting config options
Temporarily disabled Fuse for development
Changed Rejuvenate healing to Regen 1
Added Shelter & Shackle blast cooldown
Added confusion to Intoxicate
Vanish will now remove FireTick
Removed ability to teleport with Spectator mode while using Phase.
Fixed abilities Alleviate, Shackle, and Shelter not respecting regions.
Fixed Shackle infinite cooldown.
Added assurance that targets can't leave a shackle.
Added paralyze check to Possess
Fixed entity detection with Possess, Shackle, Alleviate, and Intoxicate.
Added new LightSpirit combo: Rejuvenate.
After executing the combo sequence, you will mark the ground with positively charged spiritual energy for a duration of time. Entities can come to this location to heal themselves, but dark creatures must beware!
Added new Spirit combo: Phase.
This advanced combo allows a Spirit to dematerialize into a state where they can walk through walls and fly around a certain radius. They are able to do this because of their unqiue molecular makeup not seen in any other being!
Added new Spirit ability: Vanish.
Spirits are often seen disappearing into thin air and then reappearing somewhere different. With this ability, you can harness that power as well! However, there is a certain duration you are able to vanish for an a radius of how far away from your original location you're allowed to get!
Added individual Shelter cooldowns (others/self shield).
Added to the Spirits API.
Reworked Infest combo.
Reworked Fuse combo (probably still buggy).
Reworked most sounds.
Merged Alleviate/Sanctity.
Fixed Strike/Possess not damaging players.
Allowed LightSpirits to enter their own Shelter barrier.
Minor code improvements.

Shoutout to MysticEmpire for giving me the opportunity to test on players!

Added independent Agility cooldowns.
Fixed config options not saving/working.
Fixed Possess not working properly.
Fixed Fuse default instruction.
Possess now works on all entities.
Fixed Fuse not working due to the merge of Soar & Dash.
Merged Soar and Dash into a new ability: Agility
Organized configuration in alphabetical order.

Likes: FatherWh0
Sanctity animation changes.
Reverted the Christmas Edition.
Added "CanPossessMobs" to Possess.
Added self-shield capabilities to Shelter.
Reworked Shelter config.
        Enabled: true
        RemoveOnDamage: true
        Cooldown: 10000
        Duration: 7000
        Range: 20
          ShieldSize: 5
          KnockbackPower: 1
          ShieldSize: 4
          KnockbackPower: 1
Merry Christmas
Enjoy this Christmas Edition of Spirits, Happy Holidays!
- xNuminousx
If you would like to download the normal version of Spirits, please go to the Version History tab and download the version you would like.

PS: If you don't celebrate Chistmas then happy day to you :)
Lengthened a targets ability to move with Alleviate and Intoxicate.
Changed config variable "CanUseOnOtherSpirits" to "CanUseOnSpirits"
Fixed Fuse config.
Added speed buff to Fuse.
Edited default description of Alleviate.