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  1. A

    Pending Review Avatar State removes ability cooldowns

    This side plugin addon would make it so whoever enters the avatar state has zero cooldowns for all abilities. This can also be made into a separate ability but I think it would be cool to have the avatar fight multiple benders (kind of like a boss battle). This is only for the fun and I admit...
  2. xNuminousx

    Airbending [Combo] SummonSelf 2.0

    SummonSelf While in a powerful rush, you're able to take your momentum and force it outward in your direction! Launch a clone-like current of yourself towards opponents to deal knockback and damage. Designed for ProjectKorra 1.8.8 & Spigot 1.13.2 This ability is based on my very first...
  3. xNuminousx

    Side Plugin ElementalEffects 3.0

    Introducing a side-plugin that adds cosmetic effects to your server, with a twist! Each cosmetic will include features and conditions that match their respective element. From requiring an earth source for the EarthTrail to boiling water effects for the FireTrail, each trail being very...
  4. xNuminousx

    Side Plugin Spirits Beta 1.0.13

    Spirits is a custom add-on plugin which will add 3 new elements to your bending server. Those elements are Spirit, LightSpirit, and DarkSpirit. These elements can be used together, separate, or however you deem necessary to achieve the best result on your sever! The recommended use it to give...
  5. xNuminousx

    Misc. / Other CosmicBlast 1.4

    Credit to Tay3600 for the resource icon -== Cosmic Blast ==- Description: Meditate on your 7th Chakra to gain energy and guidance from the cosmos. Focus this energy outwards toward your opponent to exhaust them and deal damage. Usage: Hold SHIFT until the cosmic energy reaches your body. Once...
  6. xNuminousx

    Chiblocking HighJump Replacement 1.13

    Credit to Tay3600 for the resource icon -== High Jump ==- This new Add-On serves as a replacement to the original HighJump! It will override the ProjectKorra HighJump if you install this into your server. To edit this ability, scroll to the BOTTOM of your config.yml and search for the code that...
  7. xNuminousx

    ABANDONED FireBlade --

    Credit to Tay3600 for the resource icon -== Fire Blade ==- No longer being updated Description: With this move bound you can shoot a long blade of fire along the ground in any horizontal direction! Very precise move, requires good aim! Usage: Left click in the direction you want to shoot...
  8. xNuminousx

    Firebending FireJab 1.4

    Credit to Tay3600 for the resource icon -== Fire Jab ==- Welcome to my VERY first add-on ability! Description: If you remember the older FireJab, it will work very similar. With this move bound you can shoot a powerful, short-ranged blast towards your opponents. Useful move if they are getting...