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ProjectAddons 1.0.6


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Simplicitee submitted a new resource:

ProjectAddons - Super cool side plugin

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Awsone side plugin but I have a fee ideas that I think would improve it's quality.

First of all Deafen and vocalmimicry don't seem to be working at all, with both moves I get a sound effect and nothing else.

Flame breath needs a diffrent combo for activation, (heatcontrol) left click then hold shift perhaps, currently it is unreliable to activate when you need it.

Flying kick needs either a reduced upwards launch height or config for an angle that it cancells out at, other wise this combo lets you jump higher the high jump unless you serverly nerf the combos launch power.
what are geoblast, metallokinesis and bloodgrip and how do I enable them

I searched the whole config and I cant find anything about it
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Its odd, I have the offhand_swap preset created and my main preset created, I can ONLY press f to swap the presets ONE TIME after I leave and rejoin the server, and it has to start off on my main preset for it to switch at all. Why is this happening??