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Waterbending Whip v6.3

- added water return
- whip from bottle and flowers is thinner
- ice and leaves increased revert time
- added block to source list
  • updated to work wiith 1.8.8
  • added blocks to source list
Likes: Hiro3
- Code fixes
- fixed warns
- added to block list

I feel like this move is as good as it can be for now and I would like to move on to other things, so until further notice this is the final and most stable version of whip. Thanks to everyone who helped me improve and perfect this move.
- added back bottlebending version
- bottles now empty after move is complete
- grass source = grass
- night factor range = 22
- full moon range = 24
- added night factors and full moon factor
- night damage = 5
- full moon damage = 6
- bug fixes
- whip from grass sources = grass
- whip for flowers = water
- whip for packed ice = packed ice
- whip for cactus = leaves
- bug fixes
- fixed warns
- added sounds for each whip
- attempted to fix warnings
- bug fixes
Likes: Aqualon
- added fixed element whips and effects
- bug fixes
Likes: Aqualon