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  1. Hiro3

    Waterbending PlantWalk 4.0

    This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk. Download version 4.0 if you want to run it on PK v1.9.3, Download version 3.0 if you want to run it on PK v1.9.0, Download version 2.1 if you...
  2. Shookified

    Plantbending Blossom 3.0

    The Plantbending move to create grass, flowers and mushrooms. Useful for when theres a lack of plant sources needed for water and plant moves. It creates grass and flowers on grass blocks and also mushrooms on mycelium, podzol, soul sand and gravel. If Blossom is used near planted seeds, nether...
  3. Shookified

    Plantbending PlantBurst 2.1

    Element : Water ---> Plant Move name : Plantburst Description : hold sneak while looking at a plant source and release when the plants reach you. Burst explodes with whatever plant selected, if used on mushroom blocks, it explodes with whatever color mushroom the block was. Can be used on all...
  4. NickC1211

    Waterbending PlantArmor v2.0

    Plant Armor Creds to Numi Usage: Tap Shift to select a plant source, then click to cover yourself in armor. Extra hearts given from this ability, along with absorption, strength and slowness. Alternatively if the armor is formed you can use PlantBlast to shoot vines out of the armor. The...
  5. NickC1211

    Waterbending Whip v6.3

    Whip Send a whip of water, ice, plant, or snow at your opponent Usage: [look at the water, snow, plant, or ıce] Tap shift > Hold shift > Left Click/ (Bottle) Hold Shift > Left Click Config: Cooldown: 2000 Range: 20 Damage: 4 [Night] Range: 22 Damage: 5 [Full Moon] Range: 24 Damage: 6...
  6. Pride

    Denied Vines.

    NOT A COMBO. REGULAR MOVE. No, not those ridiculously hilarious short videos on YouTube, but as actual vines that can grab or attack people. In the Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon, in the giant swamp, those swamp people are able to waterbend vines that can attack or grab people. Usage: a...
  7. NecKteviL

    Denied PoisonousBlast

    Name: PoisonousBlast (You can change the name as you want) Element: Water Sub-element: Plant Cooldown: 25000 Hit Damage: 1.0 Effects: Poison x7sec, Nausea x5sec To use, simply shift on a Plant Bendable Block and then left click wherever you want to shoot leaves, doing a bit damage and giving the...
  8. MASTER-Pakku

    Vine...? plantbending ability

    Hey, I would like to suggest a new plant bending ability. This ability basically is a little bit like waterarms. When you have this ability selected and you wear plantarmor, you have to left click and a vine (green particles?) will shoot out of the armor to pull you up (just like waterarms...
  9. Hero

    Waterbending - Tangle

    NOTE: This idea was by @Ming_Hua. I decided to take over it since Ming hasn't been here for awhile and I feel like it should be updated. Original thread: http://projectkorra.com/threads/vinewrap.2651/#post-34338 Element: Water Sub-Element: Plant Description: Control grass allowing you to trap...