1. DreamerBoy

    Waterbending IceDrill (Water Combo) (For 1.8.7, will be updated to 1.8.8) 1.0

    IceDrill The ability that Ming-Hua used while saving P'Li. Description This combo allows you to create an drill made out of ice which is able to break down all bendable blocks except plants. You have to be on mid air to use this combo. If you use WaterArms-Punch, WaterArms-Freeze besides...
  2. NickC1211

    Waterbending Stream v1.3

    Stream Stream is a versatile move for waterbenders. This technique can be used to deflect projectiles and swipe close range threats, and when fired knocks your opponent backwards. Additionally the whip can be used to pull dropped entities towards you. Usage: (Stream) Hold Shift to select a...
  3. Hiro3

    Waterbending Mist (Combo Ability) 1.1

    This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk. Ability description: Gas is one of the phases of water. A waterbender is able to phasechange water into gas. We saw that move in the "The...
  4. S

    Suggestion Water Moves *(For Fun I guess)*

    I had a great idea for some water moves, they could act as ways to dodge attacks, mostly for defense purposes. 1. Bubble Stream. Use the bubbles in a water source to blast yourself in the air, or to trap an enemy in a bubble, giving them levitation. (Stream) Hold shift while looking at a target...
  5. S

    Bug Report Block Respawn

    How do I change the amount of time before a water source or other bending source regenerates or respawns? For example, it takes a really long time for a 1x1 block of water to respawn after I use it for torrent. I'd like to make it faster or maybe make it so that the sources dont disappear. I...
  6. Pride

    Waterbending VineManipulation Build 1.4, PK 1.8.8

    VineManipulation: Plantbenders are able to use their variety of plantbending to attack or trap people and mobs. Plantbenders can also use the plant life available around them in the environment to their advantage and launch vine attacks. Plantbenders are also able to use plants to wrap around...
  7. F

    Water and earth dont work.

    Heres the error when i try to water bend [17:54:09 ERROR]: Could not pass event PlayerAnimationEvent to ProjectKorra v1.8.4 org.bukkit.event.EventException: null at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader$1.execute(JavaPluginLoader.java:306) ~[craftbukkit.jar:git-Spigot-c3093ef-aa25568]...
  8. EmeraldJelly

    Introducing: ProjectJelly

    ____________________________________________________________________ Introducing ProjectJelly! ProjectJelly is a brand new Ability plugin that will add many different abilities to ProjectKorra to enhance game play. Yes it is similar to JedCore but as Jed no longer supports JedCore I thought it...
  9. NickC1211

    Waterbending Sprout v2.0

    Sprout Send a line of roots from underground to hurt and ensnare your opponent! Usage: Player must be standing on grass block (the dirt block not the plant) to use this ability. To use simply look forward, hold shift, and click to shoot. You can also aim it by moving your cursor left to right...
  10. NickC1211

    Waterbending Whip v6.3

    Whip Send a whip of water, ice, plant, or snow at your opponent Usage: [look at the water, snow, plant, or ıce] Tap shift > Hold shift > Left Click/ (Bottle) Hold Shift > Left Click Config: Cooldown: 2000 Range: 20 Damage: 4 [Night] Range: 22 Damage: 5 [Full Moon] Range: 24 Damage: 6...
  11. Pride

    ProjectKorra Showcase - Waterbending

    :D Uploaded Sub Water Moves. :)
  12. Hero

    Denied Water Dome 3.0

    I don't want to necro the first water dome. Water Dome 2.0 failed because (reasons?). So here's water dome 3.0. Water dome: A master waterbender can collect water from the rain, forming a dome which can be used for both offense and defense. Katara used this to frighten Yon Rha.[19]...
  13. Pride

    Denied Vines.

    NOT A COMBO. REGULAR MOVE. No, not those ridiculously hilarious short videos on YouTube, but as actual vines that can grab or attack people. In the Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon, in the giant swamp, those swamp people are able to waterbend vines that can attack or grab people. Usage: a...
  14. varhagna

    Waterbending Blizzard 1.1.1

    "This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk." Who doesn't want to be like their favorite waterbending Overwatch Hero, (yes I am aware she is not a waterbender but she uses ice so she...
  15. L

    Waterbending with Cauldron?

    Hi, Is it possible to change something in the Config.. that make it possible to bend water.. with the source of a Cauldron with water?.. So its like.. when you use it as a water source.. the cauldron gets emptier..? Sorry if you cant understand it.. Im Dutch :)
  16. Pride

    Move and Passive (No Combos) Suggestions. Part 1.

    WARNING: Some of these are just some things you should maybe add to compensate with most elements. But most are from the Anime that you should probably add to ProjectKorra. Oh, and most of these, I was too lazy to tell you how to do it, so picture in your mind and do what it tells ya. Thanks...
  17. J

    Torrent Modification

    So, you know how when you use the torrent ability where you left-click, you can freeze the water? Well... I was thinking, what if you could freeze the water from the torrent ability when you release shift and the water makes a ring around you that expands outward and pushes people back? That...
  18. MeskenasBoii

    Icespikes from water.

    Would be a nice troll to those who firejet/airblast ;p (maybe Earthsmash too?) AQ (Asked Questions): Q.How useful do you think it would be? A.Pretty much how regular icespike is; Q.How hard would it be to make contact with someone flying? A.Depending on what Height in config you set it to be...
  19. IceEyes

    Fastswim Alternative

    Many people dislike fastswim, since it's way to easy to run off with it. Many waterbenders also use fastswim to hide from other benders attacks, since many attacks are nullified when touching water. So my alternative would be WaterSurfing. WaterSurfing won't be it's own move, it'll be a part...
  20. varhagna

    Denied Snowbending

    Waterbenders should be able to make snowballs from snow. Waterbenders should also be able to turn snow into snowmen. The snowmen would fight for the waterbender, and dissipate if hit with a move that is either hot, charged, or strong. Strong in the real way, like airburst is a "strong"...