Suggestion Water Moves *(For Fun I guess)*

I had a great idea for some water moves, they could act as ways to dodge attacks, mostly for defense purposes.

1. Bubble Stream. Use the bubbles in a water source to blast yourself in the air, or to trap an enemy in a bubble, giving them levitation.
(Stream) Hold shift while looking at a target to blow a stream of bubbles at them, giving them levitation and raising them in the air for a few seconds
(Ride) When the user clicks onto the ground they will be blasted into the air for a short period of time (5 seconds)

2. Sponge. Throw sponge at an area of water to soak it up for a short period of time, (Use to break WaterSpouts, or to stop water flow from coming at you)
(Throw) hold shift and click in the direction you want to throw the sponge
(Recall) After thrown click shift again for the wet sponge to come back to you (sponge stays wet and can only be turned back to a regular sponge the vanilla way)

I hope you enjoy! I thought these were creative so I wanted to share them ^-^