1. NickC1211

    Waterbending Stream v1.5

    Stream Stream is a versatile move for waterbenders. This technique can be used to deflect projectiles and swipe close range threats, and when fired knocks your opponent backwards. Additionally the whip can be used to pull dropped entities towards you. Usage: (Stream) Hold Shift to select a...
  2. S

    Suggestion Water Moves *(For Fun I guess)*

    I had a great idea for some water moves, they could act as ways to dodge attacks, mostly for defense purposes. 1. Bubble Stream. Use the bubbles in a water source to blast yourself in the air, or to trap an enemy in a bubble, giving them levitation. (Stream) Hold shift while looking at a target...
  3. Green

    Denied Stream

    Stream- This ability, when left clicked on a water source, will make a 3 block long line of water next to the bender that will follow them where they go. This will have 3 functions shield, shoot, and dodge. Shield: When you shift it will create a 1 width and 2 high water shield in front of...