1. NickC1211

    Waterbending Whip v6.3

    Whip Send a whip of water, ice, plant, or snow at your opponent Usage: [look at the water, snow, plant, or ıce] Tap shift > Hold shift > Left Click/ (Bottle) Hold Shift > Left Click Config: Cooldown: 2000 Range: 20 Damage: 4 [Night] Range: 22 Damage: 5 [Full Moon] Range: 24 Damage: 6...
  2. varhagna

    Denied Snowbending

    Waterbenders should be able to make snowballs from snow. Waterbenders should also be able to turn snow into snowmen. The snowmen would fight for the waterbender, and dissipate if hit with a move that is either hot, charged, or strong. Strong in the real way, like airburst is a "strong"...
  3. Nin01

    Denied Weather with WaterBending

    Since water benders can obviously bend water and snow, I believe they should be able to bend the water while it is raining/snowing. Snow and rain are made obviously out of water. Expert water benders are able to make water out of the pure humidity around them anyways! But this is for new water...