Spiritual Projection

Airbending Spiritual Projection 1.0.3

Redesigned 'Spirit' ability

Due to how the ability has changed, I recommend you increase the duration in the config!
(I'm planning to add more in the future, such as player speed, being able to be damaged, etc. This is just an early version!)

Fixed various errors

Please report any bugs in the discussion section!
Likes: xNuminousx
This update fixes the permissions for players, however in order to do so I had to change the permissions.

Players will now need the following permissions in order to use this ability:
- bending.air.Spiritual
- bending.ability.SpiritualProjection
- bending.ability.Meditate
- bending.ability.Spirit
- bending.ability.AstralAttack
- bending.ability.SpiritualDrain

Please update the permissions and everything should be working correctly! :)