1. Loony

    Airbending Spiritual Projection 1.0.3

    Spiritual Projection Click here to get support Spiritual Projection is a completely unique and advanced spiritual ability that allows you to focus your spiritual energy into attack, defense or even mobility. These abilities require you to have enough spiritual energy, which can be recharged by...
  2. Loony

    Airbending Air Jump 1.1.1

    «Air Jump» Click here to get support -»Suggest Features Here«- -»Report Bugs Here«- Air Jump is a basic mobility move for Airbenders that allows the user to propel forward in the direction they're looking. Permission: Bending.Ability.AirJump
  3. Loony

    Side Plugin «Bending Essentials» 1.2.5

    «Bending Essentials» Click here to get support Bending Essentials contains a variety of commands and features that are incredibly useful for bending servers. Bending Essentials will be updated over time to include more features, command and overall become more intuitive. -»Suggest Features...