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Side Plugin BendingGUI 1.5.1-PK1.10.1

BendingGUI is side-plugin for ProjectKorra that adds a custom interface for players to use with bending.

Feature List:
  • Easy, well organised design.
  • Browse through the list of moves with the arrows along the top.
  • All moves have different icons depending on their base element. E.g. Water moves are blue stained clay, earth moves are grass, etc (configurable)
  • You can easily see what moves you have bound to what slot (even color coordinated).
  • Remove bound moves with the removal tool
  • Get help with moves with the help tool
  • Toggle your bending off and on with the toggle tool
  • Combos can be shown with the combo toggle
  • BendingBoard can be toggled (if it's installed on the server)
  • Rechoose your element straight from the GUI
  • Create, bind and delete presets. Each preset with its own unique icon
  • Admins or OPs can edit everyone's bending without leaving the GUI

  • /gui - Gives the user the compass to access the gui or just opens the gui (configurable in the configuration file)
  • /gui version - Shows the version of BendingGUI and notifies the user if there may be incompatibilities. Default is op only.
  • /gui reload - Reloads the config for BendingGUI. Default is op only.
  • /gui <player> - Allows the user to view another players bending through the gui. By default, this is op only.
There is also a /bending gui and a /bending menu command if you like things nice and tidy!

  • bendinggui.command - Gives access to the /gui command.
  • bendinggui.view - Allows the user to see what elements everyone else can bend.
  • bendinggui.version - Allows the user to use /gui version
  • bendinggui.reload - Allows the user to use /gui reload
  • bendinggui.admin - Allows the user to view/edit/choose another player's bending. This defaults to op only.

Choosing an Element

Binding Moves

How to use:

Moves/Abilities are displayed along the top of the interface, with arrows to go to the next page, etc. To bind a move, you simply click the move you want to bind and then click the slot you want to bind it to (the stained glass). Slots with moves will be colored and will display what move they are, and can also be removed with the removal tool (the barrier icon).

If you want to know more information on a move OR how to use it, click the info tool (sign/map) then click the move you want help with.

Your bending can also be toggled with the stained clay/wool so your bending doesn't get in the way of small tasks. :)

TL;DR: Just click and click. It's simple enough. ;)


For preset configuration, please see the 1.4 changelog youtube video

You can also translate every line in this plugin as of version 1.3


[Ukrainian ] [Russian ]

If you have a translation for the plugin, please send it to me so I can feature it here!

Working Versions:

ProjectKorra 1.9.3+: BendingGUI 1.5
ProjectKorra 1.8.9/1.9.0: BendingGUI 1.2
ProjectKorra 1.8.4: BendingGUI 1.1.9
ProjectKorra 1.8.2/1.8.3 - BendingGUI 1.1.7
ProjectKorra 1.8.0/1.8.1 - BendingGUI 1.1.5
ProjectKorra 1.8.0 (Beta 9) - BendingGUI 1.0.6
ProjectKorra 1.7.0 - BendingGUI 1.0.5
ProjectKorra 1.7.0 (Beta 12) - BendingGUI 1.0.2

Latest version works on Spigot 1.16 through to Spigot 1.18 on ProjectKorra 1.9.3.

Hope you enjoy :D

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/StrangeOne101/BendingGUI

"This is not an official ProjectKorra plugin, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk."
First release
Last update
3.82 star(s) 22 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Update for PK 1.10.0

    - Added support for hex color codes DO NOT USE ON PK 1.9.3!
  2. Config changes and fixes

    - Added `CloseMenuOnChoose` config option. Decides whether the menu should close when a player...
  3. Minor Config Update

    Added the following config options Item: Give: FirstJoin: true # Whether to give a...

Latest reviews

Plain, easy, simple and perfect. It's great to be able to do everything in just a few clicks instead of typing long commands. Thank you so much for keeping it updated.
Clean and simple
Fantastic plugin, works in 2022. 1.17
Poor. It it takes forever to translate this plugin. I need Russian language support..
If there is something that cannot be translated, you can make a request for it.

However, I don't speak Russian. And I have not been given a pre-translated language file for this plugin. I can't give you support for Russian when I don't speak it myself.
Amazing work, is this on Spigot? Would be cool to have it there too!
No, it is not. As it's only a side plugin for ProjectKorra, it makes no sense for it to be on spigot. It's much more fitted to a place for ProjectKorra plugins like here.

If you insist on using a free host, use server.pro. You can upload jars with that host.
would really want it to be updated. is there any plans for doing so?
It's updated now
sorry for the 3 stars i have a problem when i use the compass it says "An error ocurred while trying to open the bending interface, Please reportthis to your admin or the plugin developer!" please help me
The plugin is outdated and doesn't work on the latest version of ProjectKorra currently
Wonderful side plugin, it makes it infinitely easier to understand how the bending works.
İt is Awesome and so usefully a gui pluging <3 you are amazing coder. <3
Thanks :)
Great plugin really helps my players, I found an error and the developer handled me very well. People below just don't know what they're doing.