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Side Plugin BendingGUI 1.5.1-PK1.10.1

- Added support for hex color codes

- Added `CloseMenuOnChoose` config option. Decides whether the menu should close when a player chooses their bending
- Fixed the menu always displaying on login when `ShowChoosePromptOnFirstJoin` is true, even for players who have already chosen an element
- Fixed the help tool not showing ability usage
- Changed the way the help tool displays the help in chat. It is now closer to what vanilla PK has
Added the following config options
    FirstJoin: true        # Whether to give a compass when a new player first joins the server
    ChangeWorld: false     # Whether to give a compass when a player changes world (except for disabled worlds)
  HideNonUsableElements: false        # If elements a player can't choose should be hidden from the choose menu
  ShowChoosePromptOnFirstJoin: false  # If new players should be prompted to choose an element when they first join the server
- Fixed a combo ability with a denied permission still showing in the combos list
Fixed the plugin not working on people who are still on 1.16
- Added support for the refactored version of Spirits (the one Mystic and a few other servers use)
- Added API for custom element order
- Added API for custom menu items
- Changed all PK events for changing elements to be called AFTER the element is changed. Just like in PK
Likes: Ohbreezy
- Added Spirits side plugin support
- Added Rechoose cooldown support
- Added preset menu for binding, creating and deleting presets
- Added API for side plugins to add element support to BendingGUI
- Stopped ability language lines being copied to the config if the ability isn't installed
- Fixed a lot of language issues
- Fixed gui command breaking from console
- Fixed menus staying open when the plugin unloads, allowing the items to be removed
- Fixed PK events not being called for binding moves
  • Every bit of text can now be edited and/or translated (there is over 400 lines so have fun)
  • New config options
    • New options to delete the compass/GUI item in certain situations (on death, when players drop it, prevent it from going in chests, etc)
    • The compass/GUI item can now be changed, and old ones can still be used
    • The materials of the choose menu (when you choose an element) can now be changed
    • The length of the lore on items can now be changed for a few things (abilities, element descriptions when choosing, and the player overview)
  • Added support for the stock PK Bending Board and removed support for ProjectAddons' bending board
  • Updated to make sure everything is fully functional on PK 1.9.3
  • Fixed ArrayOutOfBoundsException when using /gui with a player argument
Fixed a bug that prevented BendingGUI working on 1.16
Likes: Sshawarma
Update Features
  • Updated to work with spigot 1.13+ (all the way to 1.16)
  • Added bluefire subelement support for PK 1.9.0 (still works on 1.8.9)
  • Added ProjectAddons bending board support
Thanks for @Fefo6644 for updating this to 1.13. Sorry for lack of support.

But BendingGUI is back! I haven't, however, added basic localization for all ProjectAddon moves or recent addons. If you want to add default descriptions for these moves, flick me a DM.