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Side Plugin BendingGUI 1.5.1-PK1.10.1

Fixed issue some people had while using the new update. Who knows why this occurred, but fixed now.
• Fixed Element names in config bug
Since there seemed to be some demand for the new update, I worked through the last of the bugs with the new version and pushed out an update. Hope you enjoy. :)

• Added 1.9/1.10 support
• Added Combo Support (new combo toggle)
• Added BendingBoard toggle
• Added /b gui command which functions as /gui does
• Added staff roles to player heads
• Added more default descriptions
• Added new PK version tester (informs admins of incorrect versions)
• Changed color of descriptions to grey instead of dark grey
• Updated many syntax things
• Updated a lot of other minor things to make things better!

I know I also said I would add support for translations in this update, but that will come next update. I felt like there was enough changed in this update without rewriting it all for language support just yet (sorry about that). Some stuff can still be translated though (such as element descriptions, move descriptions, etc)!

If you find any issues, please report them in the thread along with any errors you get if applicable! I'm fairly certain I got most of them but if one or two slipped by, please let me know!
  • Updated to 1.8.0 Beta 10
  • Changed chat messages when adding/editing elements to look nicer
  • Changed bending toggle icon to wool (was stained clay)
  • Changed info tool to a sign (was a map)
  • Added LIMITED support for custom elements
  • Added /b gui command to do the same thing as /gui
WARNING: Although this update is for Beta 10, it doesn't support ALL the new features of beta. All features such as adding/removing subs, custom elements, etc, aren't fully supported yet but will come in the next update or so. However if you don't tend to use those much then you'll have no issues with this update.

Enjoy :D
Likes: xDizasterCYx
  • Updated to work with PK 1.8.0 Beta 1
  • Fixed opening the menu for the first time at page 2
  • Fixed the back arrow when rechoosing element not working
  • A message will now be sent to the user if a problem is detected when using the gui (only half working before)
Likes: nesa433
  • Added /gui reload to reload the plugin's config
  • Added bending.version permission (default is op only)
  • Added bending.reload permission (default is op only as well)
  • Added a /gui version command
  • Added new version checking system, since people have been having a lot of issues. This will now tell you in the logs if the version you are running isn't supported.
  • Added sub-command aliases for faster usage
  • Fixed pages in the interface being past max page after having bending removed
  • Fixed incompatiblities for other versions of Spigot from 1.0.3.
  • Fixed players not being able to rechoose their element without permission
  • /gui player <player> has been changed to just /gui <player>
  • Added PK (1.7.0) Beta 13 Support.
  • Added a few more default descriptions from JedCore and PK.
  • Hopefully added ChooseExecutor support
  • Fixed arrows not working while viewing another player's bending (admin use, etc)
  • Fixed players not being able to bind moves in protected regions/areas
  • Patched a PK bug where normal benders could bind sub-element moves they don't have permission for (bending.earth.lavabending, etc)
* Hopefully fixed version incompatibility.
* Now built with Spigot, not Bukkit (Should have been in the first place)
* Fixed players with permanently bending being able to choose elements
* Fixed players without the permission to choose an element being able to choose it
* Added Spigot 1.8.8 support