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1.8.0 BETA 4 2015-09-22


ProjectKorra submitted a new resource:

1.8.0 BETA 4 - The fourth build for ProjectKorra (Core) v1.8.0

Hey all! Sorry this build has taken so long to release, I wanted to make sure that 1. It was completely perfect and 2. Added a lot to make up for last build >.> We have LOADS of bug fixes, rebalances and reworks in here and I HIGHLY recommend you all check it out ASAP! We did a lot of work on the default config and really spent a lot of time trying to rebalance it. Server owners, if you use the default PK config settings I HIGHLY recommend you regenerate your config file after...
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Great Job ProjectKorra Developers and Concept Designers!
I'm excited to see what the GFX team will bring! :D
Do you think we will get an update on what we can expect from them? (Or is there already and have I missed it?)


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Looking good so far, Loony approves. <3

(If anyone has JedCore be aware that it breaks it, hold back on updating until Jed updated JedCore to be compatible)