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1.8.0 BETA 4 2015-09-22

Hey all! Sorry this build has taken so long to release, I wanted to make sure that 1. It was completely perfect and 2. Added a lot to make up for last build >.> We have LOADS of bug fixes, rebalances and reworks in here and I HIGHLY recommend you all check it out ASAP! We did a lot of work on the default config and really spent a lot of time trying to rebalance it. Server owners, if you use the default PK config settings I HIGHLY recommend you regenerate your config file after installing this build! A semi detailed list (I’d write more but I had to type this beast of a changelog) can be found at the bottom of this post! Hope you enjoy! (PS: Promise next build won't take this long!)
  • General Changes
    • Fixed issues throughout most of the commands such as the Help, Display, Add, Choose and Who commands.
    • Fixed Offline /b who lookup.
    • Broken addons will no longer crash the entire plugin. The addon itself will simply be unloaded.
    • Players in spectator mode are unaffected by bending and are unable to bend.
    • Added various staff to /b who lookup.
    • Major… MAJOR default config rebalances (to many to write in this post) I HIGHLY recommend that if you are using the default PK config setting you regenerate your file.
  • Waterbending Changes
    • Waterbenders no longer take fall damage on created ice
    • Fixed WaterWave click bug
    • All WaterArms moves are enabled by default.
    • Bloodbending during fullmoons enabled by default.
  • Earthbending Changes
    • Fixed Earthbending not respecting damage values.
    • Earthbenders will now take fall damage on ALL nonbendable blocks. (including waterbender ice)
    • Fixed MetalClips dropping incorrect armor pieces and spawn location for the thrown ingots
    • Reworked particles displayed by LavaFlow.
    • Added Quartz Ore to default earthbendable blocks list.
  • Firebending Changes
    • New config option! Properties.Fire.FireGriefing
      • Will stop fire from permanently replacing blocks. (will revert)
    • New config option! Properties.Fire.RevertTicks
      • How long it takes said fire to revert.
    • Spawned fire no longer goes through glass panes.
    • Reworked particle display of FireBlast, Charged FireBlast and Combustion
      • Much less bloby now, more beamy, pew pew.
    • Fixed FireShield blocking incorrect moves.
    • FireShield now puts out fire within its radius.
  • Airbending Changes
    • New config option! Properties.Air.WallDamageCap
      • Sets the max damage caused by wall damage.
    • Wall Damage is cancelled by moves such as firejet.
    • Removed Suffocate locking up player controls.
    • Fixed AirShield blocking incorrect blocks.
    • AirShield now puts out fire within its radius.
    • Added RemoveAroundPoint methods to AirBlast and AirSuction.
  • Rebalances
    • Improved various aspects of FireBlast, Lightning, Combustion, FireCombos
    • Reduced damage of WallOfFire.
    • Reduced firebending’s daytime damage buff.
    • Reduced the push of AirBlast, AirSuction, AirSwipe.
    • Added a cap to Wall Damage.
    • Reduced damage of AirSweep.
    • Increased damage of Torrent, Watermanip, and IceWave.
    • Reduced duration and cooldown of PlantArmor.
    • Enabled bloodbending during the fullmoon.
    • Enabled all WaterArms moves by default.
    • Reduced various aspects of WaterArms.
    • Improved various aspects of EarthBlast, EarthSmash, and Catapult.
    • Reduced various aspects of EarthGrab, and LavaFlow.
    • Reduced chiblocking passives
    • Reduced various aspects of QuickStrike
    • Improved various aspects of HighJump, and RapidPunch.
      (to name a few)
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VERY nice update, nice being to see all the new fixes/rebalancing :D, Keep up the great work!
Great great I love it! Especially the default Bloodbending! :)

Oh and you can still swim faster as a Waterbender in Spectatormode :/