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NEW - Uploading Abilities for ProjectKorra (Core)

Important NEW - Uploading Abilities for ProjectKorra (Core)

Hello everyone! This is a long overdue revisit to our community submission guidelines. ProjectKorra’s API was new to Bending in that it allowed for abilities to become modular. Server Admins and Developers were able to create drag and drop abilities to expand the plugin beyond their wildest imaginations. This creative freedom has spawned several good ideas and we encourage people to continue developing plugins. That said, to maintain the integrity of our community, all add-ons submitted for downloads to the ProjectKorra community must fit the following guidelines:

  1. All Add-Ons must be at least loosely based on the Avatar Universe. This is an Avatar community and therefore, your new ability should fit something in the Avatar universe. This rule is intentionally vague and is up for interpretation, however, getting too loose with it may result in your add-on being denied.
  2. No malicious code or backdoors are permitted.
    1. This includes, but is not limited to, setOp() methods, kill methods, or anything that could destroy a server.
    2. Someone found in violation of this rule could have all of their downloads removed and face immediate ban from the forum.
  3. Your work MUST be your own
    1. Plagiarism is simply not allowed. Do not take someone else’s work and pass it off as your own.
  4. All downloads should be hosted on ProjectKorra’s forum
    1. To protect the safety of our users, your thread may be denied if it offers download links to a website that is not projectkorra.com. We encourage you to upload all files here, beta builds included.
  5. All threads must have the following information
    1. Ability name (should be in the title of the thread as well)
    2. Element (could be in the Prefix)
    3. Functions (all of them)
    4. A clear description of what the ability is and does.
    5. Permissions (if applicable)
    6. Commands (if applicable)
    7. Configuration (if applicable)
    8. Versions of the plugin designed to work with.
    9. Screenshots or Gifs (required)
  6. You must maintain your resource to keep it from being deleted.
    1. If you plan to go inactive, please transfer your resources.
    2. Failure to keep resources updated to recent ProjectKorra versions could result in the thread being removed from public view or the resource being removed entirely if it is broken.
  7. By posting your submission here, the ProjectKorra reserves the right to implement features from your ability in future releases. You agree to this automatically upon submitting your resource.
  8. If you are banned from the forum or absent for more than 1 month, another user may request to pick up the project. This will be decided by the Lead Developer.
    1. This is to keep the amount of abandoned projects low.
  9. All uploads should contain your ability’s jar file only. You should not package ProjectKorra with it. This is in violation of our EULA and the user can find versions of ProjectKorra on our website.
  10. Your thread should not contain any advertisement links
    1. This includes paid advertisement like ad.fly, etc.
    2. Additionally, your thread should not contain links to your own, or any other Minecraft server. All documentation should be kept inside of the thread.
  11. The first version of your ability will have to be reviewed by the Development team
    1. The Development team reviews your first version of your file to ensure the code meets the above standards and is not plagiarized.
    2. Future updates are approved automatically, but may be subject to random spot-checks or reviews if another user reports the add-on.

A note from the ProjectKorra staff on add-on abilities

Please be cautioned that the use of add-on abilities is not recommended by ProjectKorra. We do not check if they keep the plugin balanced, we simply check that they are not malicious. That said, add-ons are approved based on the criteria above and do not go through the same process that features will go through before making it into our main plugins. Use any add-ons at your own risk. The ProjectKorra staff will not offer support for community add-ons.
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