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Avatar Mod 2: Out of the Iceberg a5.9.2 Preview 2

The Avatar Mod is a multiplayer-focused combat mod for Minecraft PC which will add all types of bending from Avatar: The Last Airbender. The aim is to create fast-paced, team-based engagements with plenty of team tactics and RPG skills.

The mod is currently in Alpha and under active development. While many of the planned features have not been implemented yet, the mod still provides exciting bending experiences as an alternative to traditional methods of warfare.

Informational Website: http://projectkorra.com/avatar-mod-2/
Follow Development Plans: https://trello.com/b/btY5D31y/projectkorra-av2-development

Existing Features:
The project already includes the 4 major types of bending along with 9 varied abilities for you to try out. There are also configuration files and admin commands for full control over your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bending isn't working!!
Try reading the getting started guide.


First of all, if you are using a hacked client, please note that these are not supported. Using a fake username will often cause issues. To resolve this either buy an account like most of us did, or use a registered username (for example jeb_).

However, if you aren't using a fake username, please see the reporting bugs guide.

Can I make a video,etc of this mod?
You do realize, I want you to review my mod :p
Just make sure that you properly attribute me and give a link to my website (av2.io) or this page.

Can you support Minecraft 1.7.10?

No, unfortunately the code is changed so much between then and now that it would take too much time to manage 2 different MC versions. Minecraft 1.8 was released over 2 years ago! It's time to switch to the latest Minecraft version.

Can you support Minecraft 1.10.2?

Probably in version a3.0.

Will add-ons be supported?

In the future, but they are not a priority yet.

Will servers be able to use/change this mod?

Yes. Anyone can modify or use the mods to their needs. Per the ProjectKorra EULA you are not permitted to redistribute this mod under any circumstance.


You can find out more about the project by visiting the ProjectKorra Wiki

We will provide frequent updates about development throughout the alpha stages, however, you can view the full Road Map on GitHub here.

Installation Guide

1. Install Minecraft Forge if you haven't

- Go to files.minecraftforge.net

- Under Minecraft Versions, click 1.11

- Select Installer

- Wait for 5 seconds, then click *SKIP* in the upper-right corner. DO NOT CLICK ANYTHING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SCREEN

- Run the downloaded installer, selecting "Install Client". If there is an error installing Mercurius, try running the installer again.

- Create a profile of Minecraft using the new Forge version

2. Go into your mods folder. If you do not have one, create a folder called "mods" inside your .minecraft folder

3. Download the latest version of Avatar Mod

4. Drag-and-drop the downloaded mod .jar into your mods folder

5. Run Minecraft using the correct Profile
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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Latest reviews

Love it but it needs more moves,firenation ships/air ballons,the avatar statues "maybe they could glow when someone activates avatar state?",more npc and maybe spawned strutures like airtemples and ect?

Also lion turtle would be awesome 2. And yes my grammer is horrible don't judge :/ oh also those large moles glowing crystals and weapons also solar eclipses lunar,comets and spirits?
Maybe also a way for avatar 2 travel 2 the spirit world with there bodys in the real world?And of course there is so many stuff 2.Anyways so far its cool.
Amazing mod, very well put together <3