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Avatar Mod 2: Out of the Iceberg a5.9.2 Preview 2

This includes the changelog of the full release of a5.9 all the way to a5.9.2.
This is the full release of a5.9! This includes
*Fixing all multiplayer abilities
*Fixed weird playerdata wiping+crash
*Mnesikos has now joined the team, and has improved bison animations and such, as well as some ai and positioning
*Better bender initialization and bending
*Entity Shockwave: better smashes, air burst, and Inferno Punch Path 1
*Massive balancing
*Earthspike sizing and adjustments and OPness
*Spawn adjustments
*Started categorizing elements
*Particles for Air Jump
*Added aoe for lightning spear, fixed level 4 path 1 (Piercing), better particles
*Config option for displaying chi and the active bending icons
*AI cleanup and bender name tags
*Updated forge version to 2751!
*Benders now hunt zombies
*Internal stuff+some better AI
*Better cloudburst texture
*Fixed fireball rendering
*Fixed projectile deflection
*Fixed several collision crashes
*Fixed advancements for water and airbending
And many other changes that aren't listed here.
*Fixed massive multiplayer glitch where more than two players couldn't join
*Fixed a server npe
*Got rid of unused config stuff for now
*Improved inferno punch INCINERATE particles+speed
*Adjusted some damage for air burst
Wew! Massive changelog!

  • Fixed the lang file so abilities actually do what they say they do
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes with abilities not working properly or unexpected behaviour
  • Tick Handlers have been fixed already, in case you didn't know
  • Reduced glitchiness and lag for fireball and air bubble
  • Reduced Earth Control's damage
  • Lightning Arc Particles + Explosion
  • Water Cannon particles + size reduction, better collision checking
  • Better inferno punch particles upon hitting something
  • Fixed some plants not being bendable
  • Fixed water skate being used on lava o_0
  • Adjusted water skate height so you can now skate 1 block above ground while skating on water
  • Fixed earth wall being used on water o_0
  • Fixed shockwave not dying
  • Fixed earthspike bouncing off of walls
  • Reduced earthspike damage, now multiplied by the hardness of the block it's on
  • Internal code cleanup
  • Fixed Inferno Punch damage not working properly at level 3
  • Fixed fire arc's boomerang path not working properly
  • Fixed lightning arc collision checking not working properly
  • Lightning arc now explodes on impact with a solid
  • "Large thunderbolts" now creates a massive lightning explosion upon hitting an entity as well as hitting a solid, dissipates on impact
  • Fixed numerous summoning crashes
  • Fixed fire jump creating a fire shockwave in water!!
  • Added a configurable list of blocks breakable by water arc.
Avatar Mod has been updated to a5.9, Preview 3! This has a bunch of QoL changes, including:
*Fixed advancements for water and airbending
*Hopefully fixed all multiplayer glitches where abilities wouldn't work
*Better cloudburst texture
*Fixed fireball rendering
*Fixed projectile deflection
*Fixed several collision crashes
*Updated forge version to 2751!
*Benders now hunt zombies
*Internal stuff+some better AI
Hey everyone! a5.7 has been released. This includes several new features, such as a new ability, airbender staffs, and a new fire passive. This also has major improvements and immersion for everybody.
Full changelog:
*Got rid of unused textures
*Properly implemented cooldowns for all buff abilities
*Added airbending staffs:

  • Added cooldown messages for the airbending staff
  • Has 2 attack damage
  • It gives speed and haste
  • It shoots air gusts and air blades, and is usable in both hands
  • You get its perks when it's in the offhand

*New fire arc texture
*Adjusted power rating cap
*Added a new passive: Fire Devour:

  • Shift to activate it
  • Eats all nearby fire blocks, adding 10 to your power rating for each block eaten

*Lots of texture compression
*Air bubble is affected by power rating
*Added some advancements for gaining a water scroll and gaining an air scroll
*Fixed some inferno punch and air burst crashes
*Earthspike now has texture variants depending on what block it's used on
*Water Arc and Water Cannon now use the vanilla water texture, clearing up space
*Fixed some positioning for water arc- it doesn't completely line for the entity, but it looks way better
*Finished with better tab textures, courtesy of Mnesikos
*Possible analytics crash fix (the crash only happened with bad launchers). (It may cause other bugs, please report them!)
-Updated Lightnings pear model and texture- credit to Mnesikos!
-AOE for fire arc! Better velocity! Way smoother!
-Water arc is now wayyyy smoother
-Fixed numerous collision crashes, especially the Inferno Punch one
-NPC's can now bend again! (That was a silly bug xD)
-NPC's will
now spawn in villages- you'll either need to create a new village, or
they should spawn in new villages. If not, just create a new world.
-Config for buff abilities (doesn't work right now)
-Config for trade items for fire and airbenders
-Trade messages and way better npc's
-Actually decent AI
-Updated spawn rates and biomes
-Airblade now has a config for which blocks it can break
-Particles for Restore and Purify/immolate; will add particles for the other buff abilities eventually
-Inferno Punch is more immersive with its effects
-Reduced glitchiness for everything
-New Ability: Air Burst.
-Better water cannon positioning
Due to the size of the changelog, it has been broken down and can be found at the following links. Going forward, all changelogs will be posted here. Please scroll down on each page to find the changelogs.
a5.0 and a5.4 were the biggest updates out of all of them!