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  • Only he could stop the ruthless bots and only he could make new users to register on the site, but when the community needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years have passed and the Bot Nation is nearing victory in the War and no one can register on the site anymore.
    it's been a long time coming
    Hello Mist I used to play on the old etria server and immortal Minecraft server I was wondering if you had any access to those server files or old YouTube videos. I know there used to be alot, and it would be great if it was still available thank you :)
    I do not have access to any of the old files for EtriaCraft to the best of my knowledge. Hope you're well!
    Hey mist im from etriacraft my name was traner28. was wondering if you remember me.. Glad to see youre still at this been looking for a new bending server for a while but none match etriacraft..
    I'm out of town until Monday and will not be answering any messages. Please contact the appropriate department if you need anything.
    Thank you so much for this awesome place. i have loved avatar since the first episode of Aang. Its so awesome the community around this little plugin. i dont mean its a small plugin but in that its 1 loan plugin with its own forum.

    Thank You Mist <3
    Hey :)
    I have a little problem.
    When I downloaded the plugin, the Bending flag was simply not found.
    but I could not use Bending in any area, which means that the plugin was found.
    can you help?
    In WGBendingFlag
    Ummm, Hay Mist :Р
    What if The Shield (An item) will be able to block some abilities ? It is canon and i`ve tried to block some of them but It Is Very Stupid that it cant ;Р Hope you will enjoy it.
    I'm also from your old server Etria, I don't think you would remember me. But I'm glad to see you are still alive. I hope you are doing well.
    Hey Mist, I used to play on your server Etriacraft, and I'm just dropping by to say hello. Glad to see you are doing well.
    Hello mist i am working on a exam based system where everyone needs to win exams to get specific subelements.When new players enter they already have the subelements and i tried everything :negating bending.ability/element.subelement:(
    :doing specific classes
    Nothing works pls help me
    I need to know how to find the jedcore bending permissions please help!
    hey how do i get lava disck and metal hook
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