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Recent content by Mist

  1. Mist

    it's been a long time coming

    it's been a long time coming
  2. Mist

    ProjectKorra Turns 9!

    Hey, it's been a minute. Just hopping in to tell you all that as of today, ProjectKorra is 9 years old. This started as a project / idea in my bedroom in my last year of high school and has been a constant through all of life's moments since then. I still check in from time to time, but it...
  3. Mist

    Pending Review The forums is not looking pretty at all

    Thanks for bringing it to our attention -- working on it!
  4. Mist

    I do not have access to any of the old files for EtriaCraft to the best of my knowledge. Hope...

    I do not have access to any of the old files for EtriaCraft to the best of my knowledge. Hope you're well!
  5. Mist


    Thank you for the kind words! We're happy to have you as a part of this community!
  6. Mist

    Project Korra won't let me use certian moves

    Are you receiving any errors in your server log? If not can you please provide a list of the other plugins you are using as it may help us track down if there's a conflict here. Thank you!
  7. Mist

    ProjectKorra 1.9.0 - The Blue Fire Update

    Can't believe we finally implemented the single most suggested feature since we launched the plugin in 2014. Great work everyone!
  8. Mist

    Community Update (August 21, 2020)

    Woohoo! Thanks for the update :)
  9. Mist

    Complete metal bending

    Metalbending exists within the plugin already! It was one of the earlier subelements we implemented. If you're not seeing it wherever you're playing you may not have the proper permissions or the server may be outdated.
  10. Mist

    Pending Review Suggestion: Forum Changes

    So this suggestion has been mostly implemented now. I've added subcategories to the "Custom Abilities" to clean it up a bit under Resources. Each element now has its own subcategory (Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Chi) and I've also added a few subelement prefixes. Once you click into a custom ability...
  11. Mist

    Pending Review Suggestion: Forum Changes

    Hi Chaoz! Thank you for the suggestions. I've been looking at ways to revamp the forum and change the structure in a way that makes sense so this suggestion is certainly helpful. I've made note of some of your suggestions and will look to see what I can do / how it can be implemented. I...
  12. Mist

    Important A note about inactive forum accounts

    Stay tuned... cleaning up the forum has been a little pet project of mine over the last week or so while I've had a little bit of downtime. I'm trying! Discord is fantastic, but I tend to sit on the forum more and hated seeing it overrun. While we probably wont be 100% without spam I'm hoping...
  13. Mist

    Important A note about inactive forum accounts

    Hi everyone! Wanted to roll out a couple of changes to the forum I’m making today to help in our fight against spammers. If you’ve been on the forum recently you may have noticed a lot of spam being cleaned up. I’ve upped our systems / changed Captcha settings as is recommended to do every so...
  14. Mist

    ProjectKorra (Core)

    Happy to hear it!
  15. Mist

    ProjectKorra (Core)

    Amazing work everyone!