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ProjectKorra Turns 9!


Staff member
Hey, it's been a minute. Just hopping in to tell you all that as of today, ProjectKorra is 9 years old.

This started as a project / idea in my bedroom in my last year of high school and has been a constant through all of life's moments since then.

I still check in from time to time, but it brings joy to my heart to see how much members of the community have kept this project alive and moving forward for several years.

This also serves as a notice that I've fixed some long-overdue bugs with user registration. Password resets and confirmation emails should be working again.

Here's to 9 years and long live ProjectKorra!


God Tier Member
Wow, times flies! Can't even remember how I found the forums in the first place, but it really was the first time I was engrossed in a community! Still look back fondly on making ability suggestions that were no way good enough to be picked up but priding myself on having good formatting, as well as the very on-and-off uploads I made to Lea and Sab videos. (PK News comeback when?)

I joined the forums the summer after 8th grade, and I just got a job as a software engineer last year after graduating college. PK definitely inspired me to get into coding, even though I never did make any addons lol. Here's to many more years of Project Korra!


God Tier Member
I'd also like to admit that the reason I am the only person on the forums with the title "God Tier Member"

If memory serves correctly, during the time I was sponsoring the project, I was grounded from my phone by my father. Never the one to miss the latest happenings on the forums, I booted up my trusty Nintendo 3DS - which had a wifi connection and a proprietary internet browser. I was able to log-on to the site, and when I went to my profile, I saw I was able to change various descriptions and other things I probably shouldn't have been able to touch as a regular user. But, I just changed my title from "Member" to "God Tier Member" which is still as it is today. Thanks Nintendo!
Is ProjectKorra pushing the limits of Avatar Mod 2 with the introduction of Blue Fire, or are they just scraping the bottom of the creative barrel?