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  1. Shookified

    Icebending IceWalk 1.0

    Move name : IceWalk Element : Water ----> Ice Walk or run across water turning it into ice instantly for a limited amount of time, useful for getting away or creating ice to use while attacking. Comes with fastswim enabled. Developed by Prride concept by Shookified Gif : This is not an...
  2. Shookified

    Icebending IceDiscs 1.0

    Inspired by : Move name : IceDiscs Element : Water ---> Ice Usage : shift while looking at ice and click to send out ice discs towards a target, the discs are moveable after you’ve thrown it so you can aim the ice discs better. Works on Ice, packed ice and blue ice. Comes with fast swim...
  3. DreamerBoy

    Waterbending IceCatapult (Combo) 1.2, PK 1.8.8 & PK 1.8.9

    IceCatapult Another ability that Ming-Hua used while saving P'Li. Description IceCatapult is a kind of ability that pushes you upwards with an ice column, while the entities around get spiked. Except the plant blocks, you could use the ability in every other water-bendable block. Also it gets...
  4. Hero

    Denied Water Dome 3.0

    I don't want to necro the first water dome. Water Dome 2.0 failed because (reasons?). So here's water dome 3.0. Water dome: A master waterbender can collect water from the rain, forming a dome which can be used for both offense and defense. Katara used this to frighten Yon Rha.[19]...
  5. Vahagn

    Phasechange Config Changes

    I wanted to suggest a seperate radius option, for each of the functions in Phasechange, so if the server owners want to make the melt radius larger than the freeze radius or the freeze radius larger than the melt radius they can. I also want to suggest a config option for how far away you need...
  6. MeskenasBoii


    Gonna be honest, I am kinda stealing/borrowed from here: (link). Though I honestly didn't like idea of adding it as a multiablility for WaterManipulation (and that ability of having any in general), but I do think this could fit into a combo , because the trigger I thought perfectly fits its...
  7. MeskenasBoii

    Awesome IceSpike version

    Charge IceSpike (long chargetime) when on or near snow or water - Release it to shoot 3 arches of ice If all of them succesfully injures its target, that creature will be dealt with 3.0 damage (each one deals 1.0 damage) For clarification, it deals *<3 <3 <3* ,and not *<3 <* .
  8. Hero

    Ice Floor - Waterbending

    Quote - Ice floor: With a sufficient amount of water available, a master can cover a large area of the ground with ice, trapping their enemies' feet in ice while allowing them to slide around. This technique was used by Pakku during the Order of the White Lotus' liberation of Ba Sing Se[34] and...
  9. Taiko the Waterbender

    Denied [Water] IceSpike reform

    You know, IceSpike! That ability hidden somewhere in the /bending display Icebending... Near the other cool abilities like PhaseChange and IceBlast... No? How about that ability that shoots Ice blocks in which you suffocate everytime you bottlebend them while moving? Oh, you know that one...