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1.8.0 BETA 6 2015-11-18

Hey everybody! Long time no see (plz don't h8 dood, we are serry) This build has taken us some time but I can tell you it was actually worth it. We made huge progress on both the performance of ProjectKorra and lots of the issues buried deep within it. In addition to the fixes we also managed to add in a few exciting new tidbits here and there. Brace yourself for a monster of a changelog! A few important things to note are the changes to the Add/Choose commands, the new specific element toggles and the new autotabbing features! (and the lag fixes :D)

NPE Fixes
  • Fixed NPE in Death Messages
  • Fixed NPE in Display command
  • Fixed NPE in Flight class
  • Fixed NPE in WaterWave
  • Fixed NPE in Display command
Memory leak fixes
  • Fixed memory leak in Combo Manager
  • Fixed memory leak in GeneralMethods.invincible list
  • Fixed memory leak in Earth Column
Non "lethal" fixes
  • Fixed Combos not showing Death Message colors
  • Fixed Add command not sending chi message
  • Fixed Debug permission message
  • Fixed Octopos spelling error
General Fixes
  • Fixed Clear not accepting numerical arguments
  • Fixed playIceBendingSound() to make Phase Change more bearable
  • Fixed Surge permanent Ice and Water bug
  • Fixed Water Spout not working on Packed ice
  • Fixed moves (fireblast, airblast, etc) being triggered on shift
  • Fixed moves (lavaflow, raise earth, etc) being triggered on block interaction
  • Fixed Velocity Damage damaging on incorrect blockfaces
  • Fixed various aspects of Metal Clips
  • Fixed Air Scooter water rocket bug
  • Fixed Chi Block Chance configuration option on various Chi moves to add block percent correctly
  • Fixed Display command console bug
  • Added Avatar ability support for Death Messages
  • Added specific Element toggles under the Toggle command (Ex: /b toggle Air)
  • Added much more information to the Debug command’s output file
  • Added bloodbending SubElement (Not the ability) permission node
  • Added Avatar option to Display command
  • Added Velocity Damage specific Death Messages
  • Added Autotabbing to all applicable commands
  • Added throw feature to Metal Clips (bending.ability.metalclips.throw)
  • Removed Water “calming” Passive
  • Changed Add and Choose command arguments from [Player] <Element> to <Element> [Player] (Ex: /b add Air [Player])
Please let us know how this version runs, it should be much better then Beta 5. Also, please remember to report bugs! Happy Bending!
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