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Recent content by Aztl

  1. Aztl


    I think this happens with a lot of abilities, getting the death messages wrong. I'm not sure that it's a problem caused by this addon.
  2. Aztl

    PorjectKorra Mod

    Unfortunately, ProjectKorra won't add Avatar animals. You're better off using other plugins or mods for this purpose.
  3. Aztl

    custom abilities

    You might be interested in PlantArmor, an ability made by @Simplicitee. It's part of his addon plugin ProjectAddons.
  4. Aztl

    Suggestion Idea for a protective debbris cloud ability

    It's an interesting idea. I don't think new combos are being planned at the moment, but maybe some sort of block interaction with Tornado could suffice? Like if you use Tornado over a sand block, for a few seconds the Tornado carries sand-like particles with it and has a good chance to...
  5. Aztl

    Important A note about inactive forum accounts

    Thank you for cleaning up the forums! :D
  6. Aztl


    Unfortunately Minehut doesn't allow users to upload their own files. Because of this, you can only download the newest version of ProjectKorra on their Spigot page, which is 1.8.8 and now outdated. Side plugins aren't on Spigot, so they have to be added manually. But since you can't actually add...
  7. Aztl

    Southern Air Temple V1

    Looking good :)
  8. Aztl


    ip address: play.indigonmc.com website: www.indigonmc.com rules: [1] No seriously disrespecting, harassing, or bullying players or staff, and no discriminating based on race, sex, gender identity, religion, sexuality, nationality, etc. [2] No using any hacked/modded client, and no attempting to...