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ip address: play.indigonmc.com
: www.indigonmc.com
[1] No seriously disrespecting, harassing, or bullying players or staff, and no discriminating based on race, sex, gender identity, religion, sexuality, nationality, etc.
[2] No using any hacked/modded client, and no attempting to hack the server or any of its players in any way.
[3] No spamming chat, and no spamming commands.
[4] No excessive caps.
[5] No evading punishments, such as bans, tempbans and mutes, through any method, including alternate accounts and alternate commands.
[6] No griefing any public building or area. The only areas where griefing is allowed are located in the survival world, outside of spawn.
[7] No abusing glitches of any sort, and no using duplicators.
[8] No crafting, buying, selling, or using any weapons or armor anywhere but the survival world. This prohibits the use of weapons/armor (besides arrows for chiblockers) in the arenas.
[9] No advertising anything not related to Indigon in public chat. If you would like to send someone the IP of another Minecraft server, you may do that in private messages.
[10] No intentionally causing lag. This includes lag-inducing redstone contraptions, spamming laggy bending moves, and using laggy blocks in the creative world.

indigon is not whitelisted. everyone is free to join!
supported minecraft versions: [1.8-1.13.2], though the server recommends use of 1.13.2


Indigon is a Minecraft bending server using the ProjectKorra plugin! My name is Aztl, and I'm the owner of Indigon. My goal while conceptualizing this server was to create a low-key, fun, welcoming, and tight-knit community of benders. I've seen too many bending servers get consumed by toxicity and never become fun again. I never want to let that happen to Indigon. I tried to keep things pretty simple while designing the server: you get to choose your element, roam the wild, practice in the arenas, socialize, etc. We're also currently working on a creative/plots world!

other notable plugins/features:
  • Factions
  • PlotSquared
  • CombatLog
  • TAB
  • Multiverse
  • ProtocolSupport (1.8-1.13.2)
This is not an official ProjectKorra Server. All Contributions and Donations made to this server are in no way affiliated with ProjectKorra or any of its plugin and goes to the server only. ProjectKorra and its staff is not responsible of your gameplay experience while on this server.