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  1. A

    Voloron Network

    Voloron Network Server IP: Play.Voloron.com Server Website: https://www.voloron.com/ Version: 1.16.5 Bungee Support Our server has full bungee support with 5 different servers connected to it being: Factions, Skykits, Minigames, RPG, and our Hub/Creative server! Everything for the server...
  2. KaynTM

    Avatar RPG 1.12-1.16

    Avatar RPG is a years in the making newly released Avatar the Last Airbender inspired PvP RPG server. We strive to create a unique vanilla experience with many features to enhance your player vs player and role playing journey. Some of the features we offer include: - Air, Water, Earth, and...
  3. Aztl


    ip address: play.indigonmc.com website: www.indigonmc.com rules: [1] No seriously disrespecting, harassing, or bullying players or staff, and no discriminating based on race, sex, gender identity, religion, sexuality, nationality, etc. [2] No using any hacked/modded client, and no attempting to...
  4. B

    Bending + Factions Help!!!!!

    So i've created a small server, i have both the project korra and factions plug-in installed. They both function perfectly together. Except i can't figure out how to allow bending on faction territory. Please Help!!!! i'm not sure how to solve this.