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Avatar RPG 1.12-1.16


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Avatar RPG is a years in the making newly released Avatar the Last Airbender inspired PvP RPG server.

We strive to create a unique vanilla experience with many features to enhance your

player vs player and role playing journey.

Some of the features we offer include:

- Air, Water, Earth, and Fire Bending including Chi Blocking each with their own play style and skill caps.

- Leveling. You can earn EXP by defeating mobs and players to earn a wide variety of rewards.

- Spirit Companions. Train, Collect, and Purchase many unique companions that aid you in battle.

- Spirit Runes. Forge and Create Runes enhanced by Spiritual Energy to Empower Yourself.

- Spirit Enchantments. A unique Enchantment system including 50+ Custom Enchantments.

- Spirit Repairs. Repair your hard earned gear with in game money.

- Duels. Duel other players in 1v1 battles to test your skills, earn rewards, and Climb the Ranks.

- Fishing. Unique Fishing system with Realistic elements including Bait and an Interactive Mini-Game.

- Factions. Create Factions with your Friends and Dominate the Survival world with your Bending.

- Star Forge. A powerful Forge powered by the Energy of a Star that can craft Legendary Artifacts.

This is only a piece of what our wonderful server has to offer, come join and try it yourself. <3

------------------------------------- Server Information ----------------------------------------------
IP: AvatarRPG.net

Version: 1.12-1.16

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/qDPf6rr

------------------------------------- Server Images ----------------------------------------------
Ranked PvP
Spirit Companions (Some companions inspired by other animes)
The Spirit World(Where all spirit related features are located)

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