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  1. DomiRusz24

    ABANDONED PK-RPG (Botched) 1.0

    WARNING: This plugin has been reported to not work, and to be honest, I'm not surprised. Don't expect any help nor support regarding this plugin Adds an easy to use skill-point system, with player and ability upgrading!
  2. KaynTM

    Avatar RPG 1.12-1.16

    Avatar RPG is a years in the making newly released Avatar the Last Airbender inspired PvP RPG server. We strive to create a unique vanilla experience with many features to enhance your player vs player and role playing journey. Some of the features we offer include: - Air, Water, Earth, and...
  3. Simonster99

    Adventure/RPG - Bending Server

    Name: Adventure/RPG - Bending Server Server Rules: No hacking Minecraft version: 1.13.2 Hi! I'm in the process of creating an Adventure/RPG survival server, with the projectkorra plugin in focus. As of right now the server is pretty bare bones, but I plan on adding to it as time goes on, so...
  4. E0N

    ProjectKorra(RPG) plugin possible bug

    Hey, so a couple of players have joined my server and I think the RPG plugin is a great addition to the type of server I'm looking to run. But enough rambling, I've noticed that the random bending choose is working but almost everytime a player joins back in the server (after already have been...
  5. bordalandsdude191


    Server Name: IslandCraft Server IP Address: s3.hosthorde.com:26126 Server Website (If Applicable) http://potterbending.enjin.com/ (Ignore the old forum name Server Rules / Link to Server Rules 1. Don't Spam 2. Don't Advertise 3. Don't Harrass other players 4. Be kind 5. Homophobia/Racism is not...
  6. xD Cel Dx


    IP: SnickerzCraft.com Website: SnickerzCraft.enjin.com This is not an official ProjectKorra Server. All Contributions and Donations made to this server are in no way affiliated with ProjectKorra or any of its plugin and goes to the server only. ProjectKorra and its staff is not responsible...
  7. Switch

    Suggestion RPG, Specific Move Blacklisting

    As most of you know a lot of the pk moves and pk move add-ons are pretty destructive in both damage aspects and arena griefing. This two can be seen when users abuse or spam moves such as surge in arenas or lava bending moves. Now. As a little fix to this, I'm suggesting that the devs make an...
  8. Switch

    Suggestion Spirit Portals

    As a small start on pkSpirits, but mainly covering pkRPG, you guys could make a command that creates a "spirit portal" at the users feet, this can be named and then linked to another portal in a different world or for smaller server a different location. This would be accompanied by the portal...
  9. Loony

    RPG Skill Trees!

    Hey guys; The Concept Designers and I are currently planning for the next major update to the RPG plugin and one of the concepts we're working on is skill trees. If you aren't sure what skill trees are, here is the short version: Skill Trees Each element (including Chi and Avatar) will have...
  10. Y

    I'm new to this sorry ;-;

    Okay it been looking for a Projectkorra/rpg server. I've seen plenty of forums about them just no up address. Can anyone tell me where to look for them or suggest some please? Thanks!
  11. RobagNetwork


    Website: bendamania.boards.net Owner: Robagio (RobagNetwork on these forums) What is Bendamania? Bendamania is an Avatar/Bending Survival (ProjectKorra) 1.8.8 Minecraft Bukkit server. Here on Bendamania, we offer a diverse community. People from all around the world play on Bendamania. You...
  12. HydroMan

    Beta or Stable

    Do I download and install the stable or the beta version of RPG? If so, why? If it "doesn't matter", which one is recommended?