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Spirits: The Complete Set

Spirits: The Complete Set Build 10, PK 1.10.0, Spirits Remastered


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Pride updated Spirits: The Complete Set with a new update entry:


- New LightSpirit ability: Safeguard
- New LightSpirit combo: Awakening
- New DarkSpirit ability: Shadow
- New DarkSpirit combo: Nightmare
- New Spirit (neutral) combo: Skyrocket
- Replaced new passive SuperLuck with Afterglow
- Tweaked with the pull effect in Pandemonium
- Bug fixes such as:
  • fixed Corruption bug that still activates while on cooldown
  • fixed Pandemonium and Sanctuary bug where it doesn't...
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Just wondering if this set is useable on 1.16, it looks amazing and would love to add it to my server!


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I have version 1.8.9 of Projectkorra and 1.15.2 spigot and numins latest it still doesnt work for me help pls i really wanted this one on my server


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- Corruption, Safeguard don't work.

- WishfulThinking and SinisterAura maximum chance has changed but the config is still the same. In config the chance was always 0.01 which means 1% because max value is 1 which means 100%. But now the maximum value of 100% is treated as 100 instead of 1. But the config has not changed. So now 0.01 chance in config means 0.01%. this makes it almost impossible for the passive to happen. So how did I notice this?= I was always using this value as 15%, so I was doing 0.15, but in the last version these passives were not working at all and I made 15 instead of 0.15 and it started working as before.

- Darkbeam and Lightbeam one shot mobs. it kills instantly.

Spigot: 1.19.3
Pk. 1.11.1
Spirit: 1.1.2
Spirits: The Complete Set : v4
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Hi, I would like to make a few suggestions. :)

1. The current safeguard does not have much functional side. Delete the Safeguard and make a new skill instead and call it ''Shine''. With this new ability, left-clicking will give the user a glowing effect for 1 second or 2 seconds and the user will not take damage during this time. It would be nice if we could adjust the color of this glowing effect from the config, it will not have a color by default (white). So it will be the opposite of Shadow ability.

2. Make Enlightenment a combo instead of an ability. So it would be the opposite of Nightmare. Apply the effects of Enlightenment to everyone except hostile mobs and darkspirits. Usage can be like this: Alleviate (Left-Click) > Alleviate (Left-Click) > Shine (Hold-Sneak). Also make Forcefield deal damage to hostile mobs, just like it does to dark spirits.

3. Make Corruption a combo skill instead of an ability. So it would be the opposite of Awakening. The current Corruption ability is causing a dupe bug and it is nonfunctional. I'm going to suggest a different Corruption than the current one. When we do this combo, there will be one vex spawn. This vex will follow us and won't hurt anyone but if someone damage us or we damage someone , the vex will attack that person. This vex will have purple glowing effect. Vex will be with us until it dies. Repeating the combo increases the number of vexes and we can summon maximum of 3 vexes. If we have the maximum number of vex and if we repeat the combo nothing will happen, no more vex will be summoned and the combo will not go into cooldown. Also, when a vex dies, it will explode (with purple particles) and deal damage to those in an area of a certain size. If we die or leave the game, the vexes die too. If the vexes are not attacking anyone and we suddenly go away too far, they will teleport to us. If they are attacking someone and we go away too far, they will continue to attack that person, and when that person dies, the survivors of the vexes that attacked him will teleport to us. If we attack someone else while the vexes are focused someone, the vexes will change their focus to that person. so they will focus on the last person we attacked and the last person who attacked us. In the config, we should be able to set the maximum number of vexes, the glowing effect colors vexes have, the maximum duration of a vex's existence (if the value is 0, they will live until they die) and the damages a vex does. Usage can be like this: Shadow (Left-Click) > Onslaught (Left-Click) > Onslaught (Hold-Sneak) > Intoxicate (Release-Sneak)

4. Awakening needs to be changed just like Corruption. When we do this combo, there will be one allay spawn. This vex will follow us and won't hurt anyone. if our hearts is not full, this allay will give us a certain amount of hearts every certain second, just like the wish ability. For example, it will give us 1 heart every 12 seconds. If our hearts is full, Allay will give us a golden heart. Our maximum number of golden hearts will be equal to the current number of Allays and we will be able to call up to 3 Allays. These Allays will have a yellow glowing effect and it will look at us and throw heart particles to us as it sends us hearts. Allays will only heal whoever summons them. Also if we do the Rajuvenate combo, the Allays will come into this circle until the Rejuventa is over and they will continue to follow us when it's over. If we have golden hearts when a Allay dies, we will lose 1 golden heart. In the config, we should be able to set the number of hearts a Allay will give every second, the amount of heart to give each time, the maximum amount of gold hearts a Allay can give, the maximum number of Allays, the maximum duration of a Allay's existence (if the value is 0, they will live until they die) and the glowing effect colors Allays have. Usage can be like this: Wish (Tap-Sneak) > Wish (Tap-Sneak) > Shine (Hold-Sneak) > Alleviate (Release-Sneak)

5. Darkspirits must be immune to each other's Nightmare combo. Also darkspirits must be immune to each other's Corruption combo too because of Darkalliance passive. So Vexes from the corruption combo will never attack other darkspirits.
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