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Spirits: The Complete Set

Spirit Spirits: The Complete Set Build 10, PK 1.10.0, Spirits Remastered

- 1.10.0 compatibility
- listener loads only once
- fixed combos so they dont activate while toggled
- permission fixes
- Skyrocket no longer affects bedrock
- Skyrocket particle effect changes
- fixed Awakening not working properly along w/ the addition of AttackChance and EnableParticles in the config
- New LightSpirit ability: Safeguard
- New LightSpirit combo: Awakening
- New DarkSpirit ability: Shadow
- New DarkSpirit combo: Nightmare
- New Spirit (neutral) combo: Skyrocket
- Replaced new passive SuperLuck with Afterglow
- Tweaked with the pull effect in Pandemonium
- Bug fixes such as:
  • fixed Corruption bug that still activates while on cooldown
  • fixed Pandemonium and Sanctuary bug where it doesn't pull or repel properly
  • fixed block duplication with Corruption (blocks don't drop anymore when you mine them and it doesn't revert slowly anymore, instead it reverts the blocks entirely after the move ends or when you release shift)
the duplication bug with corruption has been fixed with revertTime on corruption being removed as well

thank you to @Dimo4ka for reporting this bug!
- added protection from builds for lightbeam, darkbeam, corruption, pandemonium and sanctuary
- made the probability of wishfulthinking and sinisteraura more accurate
- be sure to change the probability to something between 1 and 0.5!!!

- Moves changed:
  • Enlightenment: added some resistance and dolphins grace
  • PotionEffectDuration/Power is changed to "EffectDuration" and "EffectAmplifier" with duration acting in seconds rather than int intervals
  • Onslaught now gives you invisibility
  • Corruption now has isRegionProtectedFromBuild
- Bug fixes:
  • Changed how SinisterAura and WishfulThinking worked (made it so that you must take damage in order for this to activate)
  • Changed the Listener with help from @PhanaticD
  • Sanctuary's repel factor was fixed
  • Wish's healing fixed