Snowmageddon 2017 and other updates


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So close :D Though I have to give kudos for (almost) sticking with that date ;) Attribute system is catching my attention. By the name off it, it sounds dope, and I know it be great since you guys always manage to impress us with the work and dedication you put in new mechanics :)
I mean the attribute system currently mainly benefits developers, but I'm hyped for it because it allows me to do something I've wanted for a long time

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They stuck to it?? They released the big thing either last Friday or the one before (I forget). But I know they released the Friday after the original post. I dont know if you're confusing dates or if I'm misunderstanding you. However, I'm most interested in this bit:
I check the date. Don't know If it displays my time, but it shows it that the annoucement was created on saturday.