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ProjectKorra 1.9.0 - The Blue Fire Update


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Hello everyone! As some of you may have seen posted on our plugin GitHub and community Discord, ProjectKorra version 1.9.0 has been released! Download it here!

We have dubbed this release The Blue Fire Update as its main focus is the addition of blue firebending utilizing Minecraft's new Soul Fire block / particles. Let's check out some of the notable changes!

  • Blue Fire
    • As mentioned above, this update for 1.16.1 takes advantage of the new Soul Fire block and particles to bring a long awaited feature to the community! "Blue Fire" is a new firebending subelement available to players with the "bending.fire.bluefire" permission node*. Players with this subelement will have all of their fire abilities altered to use new visual effects!

      * Note: To use blue fire, players must have the permission node and subelement. The node is used to signify which players have the capability to blue firebend and if they should get it by default when choosing Fire as their element.
    • Blue fire can also augment the power, range, and cooldowns of fire abilities given the three new config options!
      • "Properties.Fire.BlueFire.DamageFactor" - defaults to 1.1 providing a 10% damage boost
      • "Properties.Fire.BlueFire.CooldownFactor" - defaults to 0.9 providing a 10% cooldown reduction
      • "Properties.Fire.BlueFire.RangeFactor" - defaults to 1.2 providing a 20% range boost
    • While we didn't make any Blue Fire exclusive abilities, as a subelement, addon creators will have this option. The process is no different then any other element, simply extend the new BlueFireAbility class and carry on like usual. Most existing Fire addons should already acquire this new Blue Fire behavior without needing to be updated. I wonder what amazing Blue Fire abilities you all have in store for us!
Blue fire was the biggest change made but we made numerous other additions, fixes, and changes in this version. If you are interested in seeing the full changelog click the spoiler below:
  • Adds Blue Fire SubElement. Given via the add command and the `bending.fire.bluefire` permission.
    • Changes the visual elements of fire abilities to use their soul fire equivalents. Also, it adds related damage, cooldown, and range modifiers for configuration if server owners want to buff ability attributes. Addon developers can not make blue fire exclusive moves too if they want!
  • Adds Sticks, Sponges, and Chorus Fruit to cookable HeatControl items.
  • Adds Smoker, BlastFurnace, and extinguished Campfires to blocks which FireBlast can light.
  • Adds new TempBlock constructor which takes in a long revertTime parameter
  • Adds new blocks to block lists in configuration
    • Adds new nether plants to plantBlocks list
    • Adds new earth blocks to earthBlocks list
  • Adds new methods to GeneralMethods involving armor Material checks.
  • Adds Surge interactions with Lava
    • Surge Wave and Surge Wall will both cause Lava to turn into TempBlock Cobblestone / Obsidian
    • Enabled via the new Abilities.Water.Surge.Wave.SolidifyLava.Enabled and Abilities.Water.Surge.Wall.SolidifyLava.Enabled config options. They both default to true
    • Duration of the created TempBlocks is set via the new Abilities.Water.Surge.Wave.SolidifyLava.Duration and Abilities.Water.Surge.Wall.SolidifyLava.Duration config options. They both default to 36000
  • Added boundaries to Levelled block data in GeneralMethods#getWaterData() and GeneralMethods#getLavaData() to avoid future bugs
  • Fixes AvatarState buffs overriding day related buffs for firebending.
  • Fixes Blaze not going up hills, going through walls (mostly), jumping gaps.
  • Fixes Furnaces and related blocks not smelting after being activated by FireBlast
  • Patches AirBlast same origin & destination erroring.
  • Patches PhaseChange duplication glitch
  • Patches EarthGrab duplication glitch
  • Fixes invalid preset name throwing NPE
  • Fixes ChatPrefix not correctly displaying Avatar for those w/ multiple elements.
  • Fixes the /pk debug command causing ClassNotFoundException and NoClassDefFoundError due to missing hook dependencies in the compiled jar.
  • Fixes TempArmor duping glitches
  • Fixes DensityShift turning non-full blocks into Sand causing the player to get stuck in the ground. Now it will still prevent fall damage on non-full earthbendable blocks but will not turn them to Sand.
  • Fixes EarthDome and potentially other combos from not respecting their Enabled config option
  • Fixes players with usernames the same as ability names getting incorrect cooldowns applied.
  • Fixes the server loading the legacy Material API when a player used TremorSense
  • Fixes AirBlast, FireBlast, and AirSwipe going through walls
  • Fixes FireBurst not doing damage.
  • Fixes GeneralMethods#dropItems not checking for invalid drops.
  • Removes smoke particles from Fire bending to increase visibility and better emulate the show.
Misc. Changes
  • Changes API versioning to 1.16.1
  • Fire from Firebending no longer reverts all at once.
  • Changes Combustion animation to be more beam-like rather than a rehash of FireBlast.
  • Changes Add, Remove, Display command to properly display space for Blue Fire.
  • Changes ElementalAbility#isFire() to check for SOUL_FIRE_FLAME.
  • Changes FireAbility#isIgnitable() to check whether fire can be placed at that location rather than solely based on flammability.
  • Changes firebending abilities to use FireAbility#playFirebendingParticles() & FireAbility#createTempFire() where applicable.
  • Changes FireAbility#playFirebendingParticles() to play blue fire particles when player has the BlueFire subelement.
  • Changes Water abilities that require sources to deactivate if their source is destroyed after selection occurs but before the ability starts
  • Changes AirSuction origin selection to remove if the player gets too far away
  • Changes AirSwipe streams to be independent of one another (i.e. one hitting a wall won't cause them all to stop)
  • Reduces the default collision radius of AirSwipe and prevents entities from getting hit through corners
  • Reduce collision radii for most abilities.

Thanks for reading! What Blue Fire addons are you interested in seeing?


Staff member
Can't believe we finally implemented the single most suggested feature since we launched the plugin in 2014. Great work everyone!
I'm having a problem, I put it in my plugins folder and it loaded, but none of the commands do anything for me! Is this a common error that there might be a quick fix too?


I have a problem with AvatarState, when I activate it, I gain regeneration effect but do not regenerate my life, and the same for HealingWaters.