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  1. Aztl

    Side Plugin NoCooldowns 1.0.0

    NoCooldowns is a very simple plugin that prevents all cooldowns from activating. This is meant to be a simpler alternative to going through the various config files you might have and making all cooldowns 0. In some cases, people want to try out the different moves without waiting a long time...
  2. OmniCypher

    ProjectKorra 1.9.0 - The Blue Fire Update

    Hello everyone! As some of you may have seen posted on our plugin GitHub and community Discord, ProjectKorra version 1.9.0 has been released! Download it here! We have dubbed this release The Blue Fire Update as its main focus is the addition of blue firebending utilizing Minecraft's new Soul...
  3. Vahagn

    Denied IcePrison

    This combo would trap the enemy in a hollow dome of you like Mineplex Champion's Ice Prison. It would be WaterManipulation(Sneak)->Torrent(Left-Click)->Torrent(Left-Click)->Surge(Sneak)->PhaseChange(Left-Click) to activate the combo. It will create a hollow dome of ice around the enemy that is...
  4. Vahagn

    Tremorsense rework

    With the 1.9 Glowing effect I think we can make it so tremorsense actually looks like its from the show. When used entities connected to the earth would be visible. And if possible, caverns would be highlighted to show that they are empty.
  5. Loony

    Super secret leaked information

    Shhhhh, this is super secret. Don't let Kiam know I'm posting this here okay? He doesn't even use the forums that much anyway so I'm sure he won't find out. Please note that the changes in this list are subject to change and may not be exactly how they are stated. ALL cooldowns, damage and...