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Elementum [1.9-1.16]


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Server IP: elementum.me
Discord: https://discord.gg/GCPHPKj
Elementum is a one of a kind bending server that offers a
friendly community, welcoming all to join.
There are countless of fun activities to try out
here at Elementum.

Mob Arena
Slime Fun

Join our website to interact with our community: http://www.elementum.me/

This is not an official ProjectKorra Server. All Contributions and Donations made to this server are in no way affiliated with ProjectKorra or any of its plugin and goes to the server only. ProjectKorra is not responsible for your gameplay experience while on this server.
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Update Log
Hey guys, I've done some little updates on the server!

Fixed an issue with ToonShield that caused massive server lag
Updated JedCore and BendingMobs - These should provide many bug fixes
Updated the bending plugin - This includes bug fixes and other minor features, including long awaited cooldowns to a variety of moves

Added obsidian to the /warp shop
Added cactus to the /warp shop

Fixed ClearLag removing paintings
Fixed an issue with spawn eggs not working
Cleaned up outside of /warp wild
Blacklisted a command that allowed users to bypass mutes and ignores
Removed a lot of useless broadcasts

Added Rules:
- No sexual talk in public chat
- No building / destroying outside of the /warp wild (builds found at /warp wild will be destroyed)
- No trolling in the arena

*We are now hiring more Helper's! You can apply here: http://www.elementum.me/helper (You no longer need a staff member's recommendation to apply)

Just to inform you all, I haven't forgotten about the bending tournament. Now I have stable internet, expect a post about when the next tournament will be.

That's all for today,

- Loony


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Update Log
Evening everyone, and a happy new year!
Slow motion voice: New year.....NEW ME
Na, I kid.

Elementum has almost been up an entire year, wow!
An entire year of you guys with your constant support, through donations and most importantly, your time spent enjoying the server. Nothing makes me happier than to see people enjoying my server and appreciating the hard work I've put into it.

The "official" opening date of Elementum was one year ago, on the 18th of January. Man, haven't we come a long way since then? Let's see what we've achieved:
- We currently have 339 forum members.
- We have had 238 donations (not counting the ones from our first website)
- We smashed our all time top playercount with a whopping 57 players online at once.
- And last but not least, we have a great community where we can all have a laugh together, talk about serious issues and support one another!
It brings me joy to see all what we have acomplished. I never expected Elementum to be as successful as what it is and I thank each and every one of you for helping us reach these milestones.

I would like to personally thank a few people;
Thanks to Cat12abc, otherwise known as Callie with her very generous donations. She's donates not only for the rewards, but because she wants to see the server thrive so she supports it anyway she can.
Thanks to any staff memeber that has worked for us an contributed in the past, but a very special thank you to cracker41 for the on-going dedication to the server.
Thanks to sampepere, otherwise known as Alex for his help transferring server files a long time ago, along with other things, like coding custom moves for us.
Thanks to jedk1 for his help with some config stuff when the server was really new and I was still learning.
..and many more.
I've probably failed to mention a bunch of people that's helped me along the way, if you're one of these people, your work is still appreciated!

As a thank you for all of help and support and to celebrate all that we have achieved, I will be having a sale in the donation store on the 18th of January (the birthday of Elementum) until the 20th. All items will be 40% off!

That's all I have to say. I hope you have a great new year!
See you on the server,
- Loony


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Are all the game modes on your server involve bending?
What do you mean by game modes?
If you mean MobArena and the wilderness then yes. Everywhere on the server has bending except for the creative world.


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Hey guys, exciting news!
We sucessfully switched to our new host.
I did think switching wouldn't take longer than one day until a realized we have 2.8 million server files O_O
The host was great and friendly about the whole thing so I believe we will be content with this host.
Your changes will now be saved again so you can get back to building your underground city! :p
• Just to inform you that we have removed Dynmap. The amount of files Dynmap had is way too many to transfer and I was already going to remove Dynmap as it has served its purpose.

In other news, our new arena is now finished! (After working Smiley like a slave. Literally 8 hours non stop to get it finished for you guys)
The new arena will be Arena#1 which means the current Arena#1 will become Arena#2 and Arena#2 will become Arena#3 (sounds more confusing than what it is)
This arena is proabably the bigest project we have ever done. It's overily big, but we love it.
The arena was built by myself and Smiley, with help from Jaylo_o and Traced.
• Just to note, the arena will be updated in the future. There's things we wan't to add (such as earth temples) in the future that we didn't have time to do in this update. We also feel that the arena may be unbalanced in some arenas for water / earth bending. If you feel this is the case, please inform us and suggest ways to improve.

That's all for now, see you guys on the server,
~ Loony


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Hey guys, the rules have changed a little!

I removed the "English only in public chat" because it's one of the rules that have caused the most contravisory in the past and although I stand by my reasons to keep the rule, I think we need to be more open to other community's that don't speak English as a native language.

I also added a "No arguing in public chat" to ensure Elementum's chat is clean and free from toxicity! - Debates are still fine. The thing that separates a debate from an argument is that arguments get personal and use insults / profanity towards the other person. Debates are civil.

I hope you guys appreciate the changes!
That's all for now.


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Waterbenders get waterbottles, chi blockers have arrows, metalbenders nothing. I think it would be cool if they could pick up iron as a supply for their metalbending ability called MetalHook.

P.S. Adding to that, there aren't any iron blocks in the arena's vicity. If metalbenders can't utilize their metalbending prowess anywhere in the arena, what's the purpose of giving them permission to have that subskill? This absence just beats the whole purpose of it. Rarely the person is ever gonna use metalbending in survival apart from extraction and rarely will ever use metalhook's in survival/utility means.


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Waterbenders get waterbottles, chi blockers have arrows, metalbenders nothing. I think it would be cool if they could pick up iron as a supply for their metalbending ability called MetalHook.

P.S. Adding to that, there aren't any iron blocks in the arena's vicity. If metalbenders can't utilize their metalbending prowess anywhere in the arena, what's the purpose of giving them permission to have that subskill? This absence just beats the whole purpose of it. Rarely the person is ever gonna use metalbending in survival apart from extraction and rarely will ever use metalhook's in survival/utility means.
The only metal bending move that's on my server is the grappling hook and extraction, both which is used in survival (metal clips is disabled because of bugs)
That's why there's no metal blocks or metal ingots. But thanks for the input


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We're now on Minecraft 1.10!

That's right, the long awaited update and reset is finally here.
Before I get into what has been changed, I need to explain a few things first:
Not all of our plugins were ready to update to 1.10 and some of our builds that we are working on aren't finished yet. I needed to update us this weekend because starting Monday, I'll be back at college and my time will be limited. I wanted to get this reset out of the way while I still have time.
This means you may notice some bugs with bending (such as FireWheel not working) that will be fixed at a later date. I ask that you report any and all bugs that you may find.

In other news, you may notice we're "missing" a few bending moves, such as FrostBreath, Discharge, AirBlade, and even the bending board. All these moves that are missing weren't actually moves in the bending plugin itself - they were addon moves that were made by an addon developer.
This developer has recently deleted all these moves from the website where they were downloaded from and is no longer updating them. Because of this reason, we won't be able to have those moves.
I don't think this is that big of an issue, though. It will take time to get used to, but the plugin will be 100% easier to balance from now on and it'll make bending fights require more skill.
I will look into having other bending moves in the future if any good moves come around, but for now, we're sticking with the moves that're in the plugin.

Now, let's get on to the changes, shall we?

• Added Jobs Plugin
Jobs will be our main way of making money. You can choose in total three jobs and the more you complete that job, the more you'll get money. Some job examples are a miner, explorer, and wood cutter.
You pick a job with /jobs join and for more information just use the /jobs command on the server. I will be making a command that explains how jobs work in the near future, but if you have any questions then post them below or ask a member of staff.

• Removed Heads Plugin
The heads plugin had a certain chance to drop a player or mobs head whenever you killed them. I removed this plugin because you can make tools that behead people. I want heads to be rarer than they currently are and I think this change helps that.

• Removed McMMO
McMMO is a plugin we've had since we began. McMMO can be fun, but overall it feels like a grind and it's hard to balance it. With the other gameplay changing plugins that we have (such as SlimeFun or CustomEnchants) to add McMMO on top of that, it got a little messy.
McMMO is quite outdated as for as gameplay plugins go and I feel like removing McMMO will open up more doors than it closes because now I can add other plugins that change the gameplay without it feeling like we have too much happening.

• Removed /Sell
To go alongside our Jobs plugin being the main source of our economy, you will no longer be able to use the /sell command. The /sell command was a terrible way for people to earn money and it was constantly causing money glitches and farms that were just unbalanced.

• Removed CreeperHeal
CreeperHeal was a plugin that regenerated any explosions and fire damage. This was originally added to help keep the wilderness clean, however, it the wilderness still got messy anyway.
CreeperHeal meant that you couldn't blow up someone's base or even if your base was blown up by a creeper it didn't matter. I didn't want CreeperHeal to be used for these reasons because blowing up someone's base after a raid is one of my favourite things to do. The plugin also had some bugs so I didn't want to continue using it.

• Added New Spawn
I'm in love with our new spawn, I hope you guys love it too!
Thanks to Iron, Jaylo, Laciel and Wolf for the work that they did.

• Added Normal World
Yes, goodbye to our custom world.
I made this decision having a custom world creates too many issues. The amount of ores that spawn, the fact that there wasn't any mob spawners or structures and you guys would complain that some blocks would be missing out of the world so I thought having a normal world would be for the best.
Also, since it's Minecraft 1.10, there's new biomes and mobs. Go hunt for a pet polar bear!

• Increased World Size
We now have a 15k by 15k world border! It was much smaller before because we had a custom world, but now I can make it bigger or smaller with a simple command. I thought that 15k by 15k was big enough, but I may consider upping that to 20k by 20k in the near future.

Unless I'm forgetting some (which I probably am) - that's all the major changes!
I hope you like the changes to gameplay, it already feels a lot better to me.

Before I end this update log, I would like to note a few known issues:
• Hunger and regeneration have been changed in Minecraft. If you have full hunger, you regenerate super quickly. Because of this, I've had to disable to auto feed in the arena's. You can now get food from the signs in the arena lobby.
• The bending move FireWheel doesn't work.
• The broadcast plugin is currently broken.

Community Questions:
Do you like the changes to the economy?
What are your thoughts on the new spawn?
What kind of Faction will you be? Peaceful or Righteous?

Comment your answers below!​


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Introducing... The End Event!

As of today, the end has been enabled for players to travel to. You will have to find a stronghold in the world and build the portal to teleport to the end. Once you're there, you will be aggressively greeted by the Ender Dragon, who's main goal is to strike down anyone he sees!

Whoever kills the Ender Dragon first will gain a huge amount of EXP, as well as will have access to an ender village where an Elytra will be waiting for them to collect. These villages only spawn once the Ender Dragon has been slain.

I will be respawning the Ender Dragon every two weeks and also be spawning a new Elytra in for you to collect.
Good luck in your hunting,
~ Loony​


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Be honest, did you get scared?

In this community update I have an announcement of something that’s currently in progress that I would like you to be aware of, information on this announcement will be at the end.
I’d also like to mention our most recent community survey. From time to time I create surveys to gain community input, please take the time to fill the survey out here: https://goo.gl/forms/elementumsurvey

In case you didn’t realise, Halloween is one of my favourite holidays. To celebrate this, I added a Halloween themed spawn and arena and there are 10 donation store coupon codes up for grabs;

For 10% off you entire total, use coupon code: SpookyGhost (5 Available)
For 20% off your entire total, use coupon code: TrickOTreat (5 Available)

A few of you have been wondering, “When is the next tournament?” - Our Bending Masters tournament will be returning shortly! Expect an announcement post on this soon.

After much consideration, I’ve decided to work towards making Elementum a bungee server. I’ve come to this decision because it allows me to make Elementum more professional and expand on ideas that I have for Elementum. This project will take a long time to achieve but I will keep you updated along the way. If you have any further questions about this, feel free to comment them below or send me a private message.
The servers that we will be having on our bungee server includes:

Bending / Survival
Bending Minigames

I have some great ideas planned for each individual server and I’m excited to share them all with you.

Community Questions:
• What do you think about Elementum becoming a bungee server?
• What’s your favourite holiday / season?
• What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

Comment your answers below!



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As promised, player shops are here!
I will go through how the player shops work and what each of the commands do in this post but first, I would like to remind you all of our current coupon codes:

For 10% off your entire total, use coupon code: SpookyGhost (4 Available)
For 20% off your entire total, use coupon code: TrickOTreat (4 Available)
Hurry, before they run out!​

Now, let's get onto the player shops!
All commands can be found at /virtualshops or, /vs.

To create a shop:
To create a shop, simply type:
/vs create <name>

To sell items from your shop:
If you're wanting to put items in your store so that others can buy them, you need to put the item in your hand that you want to sell and type:
/vs additem buy [Price]

This command will add the item to your store, however you need to use the command /vs addstock to put your items in the store. You need to keep stocking up on your items if you ever sell out.

To buy items from your shop:
Buying items means that you can request that players sell items to your store. Use the command:
/vs additem sell [Price]

This command will take the item in your hand and add it to your store so that players know that you want to buy that item for the price you put. This way, players can sell you items too.
If players do sell you items, you have to use the command /vs collect to collect those items from your store.

To buy items from player shops:
First, you will need to use the command /vs list to see a list of shops; then use the command /vs show [Shop] to open their shop.

To delete your shop:
Simply use the command:
/vs delete

That's a rundown of the main commands for the player shops plugin! Please leave your questions below if you have any.