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Elementum [1.9-1.16]


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Hey guys!
I just thought I’d bring forth a community update to divulge a few frequently asked questions that I’ve been getting recently and announce a few projects that are currently in the works.​

World Reset
First and foremost, there’s talk of a ‘world reset’ that I’m planning and some of you seem scared that you’re going to lose all your items. This is not the case. What I am considering is performing a world transfer; which is different than a world reset.

I’m not currently happy with our stale Minecraft world and I would like us to use the EpicWorldGenerator plugin to generate a new world that completely changes the default Minecraft world. If I were to do this, you’d have access to both worlds in order for you to transfer all your items from the previous world.

Some frequently asked questions about this world transfer:
• Will I lose my items or stats?
No. You will be able to keep items, McMMO levels, SlimeFun experience and so on.
• Does this generated world also generate structures (such as villages and end portals), mobs, ores and caves like a normal world does?
Yes. It generates everything exactly the same as a normal world, with added structures.

If you’re wanting to check the plugin out for yourself, you can do so by visiting this page:

Bungee Server
Another topic that needs addressing and announcing is that Elementum will be converting into a Bungee server shortly and for those of you who don’t know; a bungee server is a collection of servers that are all connected. For example, if you were on Elementum and typed ‘/server creative’ - it would take you to the creative server.

Transferring to a Bungee is still a work in progress, but the servers we aim to create are as follows:
Bending Survival
Each server will have its own ranking system, staff and uniqueness. We will first convert to a Bungee server with the Bending Survival and Creative server open, while MiniGames and RPG is being worked on. A sneak peak of what the creative server entails;
A custom ranking system that allows builders to progress within different plot worlds, gaining access to more building tools to use. This server is designed for those who love competition and generally love to build in Minecraft and want to expand on their skills.

More information of these selected servers will be coming soon along with upcoming changes to Elementum that I have in store. It’s also worth mentioning that when we do transfer to a Bungee server the server will be whitelisted for around a week to ensure everything is set up correctly.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to comment them below and I’d be more than happy to shed some light on the matter.

That’s all for this update.
Thanks for reading!
~ Loony


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Ho ho ho, Merry Chrismas!
Santa Loony brings gifts for all!

In light of it being Christmas, there is now a sale in our donation store until the 1st of January. All items are 30% off!
On top of this, you all have an advent calendar in-game to open with presents! Each day a new present will be unlocked so make sure you log on every day! Use the command /adventcalendar to open your presents.
There might also be some Santa events randomly on the server where everyone gets free presents so stick around.

Side note:
I recently changed our permissions plugin from Group Manager to PermissionsEx. Everyone should have the correct rank and permissions but if you don't please create a ticket here and I will fix it as soon as possible.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!
Hope to see you on the server,
~ Loony​
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Recently, I've been working on improving our website a bunch and I'm happy to announce that we now have a stable mobile version!

To access our mobile version, you simply type 'm' before the end links:

Our website version will constantly be worked on and improved to make the experience user-friendly. I hope you're all happy with the update and make good use of it!

Other Website Updates:

Custom Profile Pages

Custom Chat

Awards Page

Hope you guys are happy with the updates!
~ Loony


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Don't know If I already gave my feedback, but this server is fine with the arena. Haven't fully experience wilderness and other aspects of gameplay, but I'm looking forward to try. (P.S. this is one of the servers where I played more than just 1 time a week; quite frequently).


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Arghh, just played there, but I do have a complain about one thing in a server (thought on the most part, this rant should probably be directed to the pk plugin,): snow interferes with bending some earthbending abilities, such as earthtunnel and lavaflow.


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Arghh, just played there, but I do have a complain about one thing in a server (thought on the most part, this rant should probably be directed to the pk plugin,): snow interferes with bending some earthbending abilities, such as earthtunnel and lavaflow.
Mhm I noticed that myself, going to put the bug on Trello.


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Plugin Developer
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Great server! Amazing builds, friendly staff and members, has lots of nifty survival features and overall is a very nice server to play on! :)

Do recommend ;)


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Needing quotes for a new server trailer. If you've played on Elementum please send me a little quote of your honest opinion with your Minecraft username included in private message. Thanks!


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Firstly, I hope you’ve all had a fantastic Christmas and got everything you wished for. I’d like to remind you all that we have a Christmas sale running on our donation store that ends on the 1st of January - 30% off all items!

The poll results came in and the majority of players wanted Kingdoms to replace Factions and after getting various bugs fixed with the plugin, I’m excited to announce we will be getting Kingdoms within the next few days. I will send you all a mail on the server to inform you when I add the plugin.

Kingdoms will be replacing Factions, but Factions will remain for two weeks which should give people plenty of time to claim their bases before I remove Factions. If your base isn’t claimed by Kingdoms for when I remove Factions, your base will be vulnerable to attack.

I’d like to state a rule for this transition;

You may not claim anyone else’s base without permission; meaning you can not go into someone else’s Faction land and claim it with Kingdoms. If you are found to do this, it is considered glitch abuse and you could be banned.

To introduce Kingdoms, I have created an introduction post to give you a quick rundown of how things work. You can find this post here:



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Elementum has officially been up for two years, wow.
I never expected us to do so well when I initially opened the server and I am truly grateful for the support from the community and the awesome people I've met through Elementum.
I would like to take a moment to review what we have achieved:

607 website members
439 donations
63 max players online at one time

I'm quite proud of what we have achieved in the past two years. We've built our own community on
Elementum and we have some great players that contribute to the server in many ways.

I'd just like to quickly thank anyone who has been staff or currently is at Elementum. Thank you for your time spent helping Elementum become what it is today. I appreciate any and all time you spend taking care of Elementum *

In celebration of
Elementum's Birthday, whilst on the server use the command /present to get a present. You can gain things like LoonyBlast, $50,000 in-game cash, lot's of stuff really! (This has to be used in the wild, not in arena or anywhere else) - We are also giving away party bags with lots of neat items in! Make sure to ask me for yours when I'm online.

I'd like to quickly announce a new donation store item! (Personalized Commands) - Personalized Commands are commands that we create only for you. When the command is run, it does special cosmetic features. Each command is unique to the player and you can give us themes to work from. Commands can take up to a week to create.

We're also having a sale where all items will be
40% off! This sale will last until the 20th, visit our shop here: http://www.elementum.me/donate

Thank you guys for another amazing year, it's been a pleasure owning
As always,

~ Loony


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Hey guys!

As some of you may know, the server will be whitelisting some time tomorrow (20th of February) for around a week. This post should explain why this is happening, and what you can expect for Elementum in the future.

To kick things off;

Elementum is whitelisting for server maintenance. We are in the process of creating multiple servers with different kinds of gameplay, and combining these servers together on a Bungee server. To get this setup, I will need around a week to ensure everything is working properly. This includes some changes to our donation ranks, which you can find more info on here:

If you have Prince or above; it’s highly recommended that you read that post as some of your donation perks will be changing.

Let’s talk about what’s been happening behind the scenes

When we become a Bungee, we will begin to open various servers when they’re completed. The servers we will have are; Bending-Survival, Creative, Minigames, and RPG. The first server that will be opening shortly after we un-whitelist is the Creative server. Our builders have been working tirelessly to create amazing builds for our Creative server and we’re almost wrapping the builds up so we can begin the release process. More info on the Creative server will be published when we’re closer to release, but feel free to ask questions.

Because we will be releasing a Creative server, this means that the /warp creative on the current Elementum (Bending-Survival) will be removed.

What does this mean for the future of Elementum?

To put it short; great things!

Elementum is like my baby. I’ve nurtured it, looked after it and put everything I have into it. However, I have a lot more to offer that isn’t possible withElementum being a normal Spigot server. I have so many other ideas and areas of Minecraft gameplay I want to explore, and the only way I can do that is to become a Bungee server. It’s finally time to take Elementum to the next level and upping the bar for how great Elementum can be. We have plans for the future with our Minigames server to have custom bending-specific mini games, which hasn’t been done before. We also have plans with our RPG server to create an entirely unique bending storyline for those RPG lovers out there. The possibilities are endless as to what we can achieve from going Bungee. More info will come about the other servers when the time is right, but we are beginning with the Creative server.

When you come back

When Elementum is un-whitelisted things will be a little, different.

Instead of instantly joining Bending-Survival, you will be sent to our Hub (lobby) where you can select which server you wish to go to. The only one that will be available at that time however, is Bending-Survival, and shortly after that, Creative. There will also be specific IPs so you can directly join a certain server of course; such as:


I hope you guys are excited to the new changes coming to Elementum as we are, after two years of Elementum being up I’m happy I can finally take it to the next level. If you have any questions, concerns or general thoughts; please leave them in the comments below and I will be more than happy to answer them.


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We're now on Bungee!

After working tirelessly for 12 hours straight, I've converted us to a Bungee server and the whitelist has been lifted! I did say that it would take a week, but I thought that it would have taken me a lot longer (and run into issues) to get everything set up. Nevertheless, it didn't, and you can now join the server again!

See you on the server!
(Server Hub built by YourSevenWonders and jaylo_o)​


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I love the new web design! But i think I found a bit of an issue. Take notice this may ONLY be my computer if you don't see it but... Just remember there are several different computer sizes and some may have the same issue.
Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 10.46.40 PM.png