1. StrangeOne101


    StrangeOne101 submitted a new resource: TorrentRedirection - What do you get after someone gives you a challenge and 6 hours of work? Read more about this resource...
  2. StrangeOne101

    Side Plugin TorrentRedirection 0.1

    TorrentRedirection Like the name implies, this plugin allows you to redirect torrents. Please note: This plugin is still in beta and does contain a few bugs. Sometimes torrents just disappear after you go to fire redirected one. BUT, it does still work quite well apart from that How to...
  3. J

    Torrent Modification

    So, you know how when you use the torrent ability where you left-click, you can freeze the water? Well... I was thinking, what if you could freeze the water from the torrent ability when you release shift and the water makes a ring around you that expands outward and pushes people back? That...
  4. MeskenasBoii

    Torrent Blast details

    Torrent Blast should destroy blocks where its facing tip comes into contact with (if you find that op, maybe add a chance odd of happening or a independed cooldown?) This might be an strange one, but possible the sneak could change its position to vertical? Correct me if I'm wrong, but If you...
  5. Green

    Torrent ice

    Move: Torrent combo As of now torrents move, were it freezes, is nothing like how it was in the show, and it is not even possible to get that big of a sphere every time you use the move. So what I am suggesting is to get rid of torrent ice and replace it with something else. So when torrent...
  6. BryanPlays

    Water Making So Much Ice

    I think that "torrrent ice", or whatever it is called, should have a cooldown. It is rediculous and obnoxious how waterbenders can just constantly trap you in ice.
  7. Green

    Denied Torrent Addition

    Move: Torrent Element: Water What it does: Adds on a new feature to torrent which when you shift on a water source a 4 block long "stream" of water will come out of the water a block and rush very fast in the direction clicked. Since this shoots much faster than the regular torrent it will do...