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  1. Pride

    Earthbending Prride's Earth Pack Extravaganza! VERSION 1.4, PK 1.9.2

    ExtraAbilities: Prride: Bulldoze: Enabled: true Cooldown: 5000 BulldozeSpeed: 1.1 BulldozeRadius: 2.35 SelectRange: 10 MaxRange: 20 RangeIncrement: 0.2 Changeable: false Revert: true RevertTime: 30000 RockWrecker...
  2. Pride

    Earthbending PocketSand Build 1, 1.8.8 / 1.8.9

    PocketSand: Pocket sand!! Release sand from your pocket and throw it towards your victim! Usage: Left click at a target. Config: PocketSand: EnableChat: true EnableSmoke: false Cooldown: 5500 Damage: 2 BlindDuration: 70 BlindPower: 1 FallingBlocks...
  3. Shookified

    Sandbending Erosion 1.0

    Gif : Move name : Erosion Element : Earth ---> Sand Usage : Hold sneak to generate a radius and release to form a circle of sand. Developed by Prride concept by LiamRP (I take no credit for this move) This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be...
  4. _Hetag1216_

    Earthbending SandBullet 2.4

    "This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk." Permission: bending.ability.SandBullet Hello everyone, this is my first custom ability, this ability could have some bugs, if you notice...
  5. Sobki

    Earthbending SandSurf 1.0

    Description: SandSurf is an ability for sandbenders allowing them to glide across sand. Usage: Hold sneak while on sand Permission: bending.ability.SandSurf Note: Users will be given this permission by default. To negate access, give them the permission "-bending.ability.SandSurf"...
  6. Jeremiah Oakes

    Denied Dust Storm

    This would be a move for sand bending, or just regular bending. If it would be for sand bending: If you are sanding on a 3 x 3 sand area, you would hold shift with the ability selected, for about 5-10 seconds, then when you let go, this cool brown/tan particles go out for about a radius of...
  7. HydroMan

    Denied RaiseEarth Config Changes

    Add a boolean option, whenever it will raise a pile of sand or a stack of sandstone when elevating normal sand. I find it annoying, that when I decend with collapse the pillars back (from sand), it still stays has sandstone. Ofcourse, sand pillars/piles will be more weaker than sandstones, by...
  8. Green

    Denied Quicksand

    Move: Quicksand Element: Earth/Sand Type: Defense What it does: When an earthbender left clicks at a player or mob they will create sand below the targets feet, a 3 by 3 by 3 cube, and the target will sink 2 blocks into the ground while they also get slowness 1 for 10 seconds. They will only...
  9. Jaye


    Move: SandWhip Element: Sand (Earth) Damage: 2 Hearts WarmUp (HoldingShift): 1500 milliseconds Cooldown: 1500 milliseconds How To Use: Shift on a source of sand and a few sand particles will appear to show that you have selected it, then click towards your enemy and a stream of sand shall be...