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ProjectKorra (Core)

ProjectKorra (Core) 1.11.2

New TempBlocks are great! And this new /b display. . . Perfect!
Congratulations on the release of the 1.11 version :')
Best update in a long time! The devs have worked super hard!
Best PK update in a long time.
I've played this plugin, and it's the best, literally had NO idea that the abilities are bound into your hotbar. One problem though, Idk how to turn off abilities, so whenever I, for example, want to build something, the ability I bound to gets activated. Anyway how to fix that?
This plugin has changed my way of playing minecraft. Nowadays, I wouldn´t know how to play minecraft without it. But there is a bug you should fix, if you open your inventory, and throw something directly (using "q" by default, or "control + q") the ability you have bounded gets activated.

Example. If you have bounded firejet, and you open your inventory, throwing something directly with q or control + q, you get launched with firejet.
Nice plugin, noticed that some bugs were fixed. You need to update the page on Spigot by the way, the build on there is 1.8.4 :P
Can you update ProjectKorra Items so that they work together?
awesome, but can we use the commands in command blocks
Fixed tons of bugs and added a few nifty features. Keep up the good work ;)
Is PK Probending updated and PK Items ? Would love to seem some action going on in the probending dept.
Great Work to all the ProjectKorra team!
I've been playing with Orion304's bending plugin since it was first created and i have to say that you guys have done an amazing job keeping the bending plugins alive.
Keep updating and i'l keep playing :)
ima not sure how to do this so is it version 1.9 for minecraft and do i need to get ride of projectkorra version 1.8.0 beta 10 file to make it work?
I have no word!
My favorite plugin by far!!! Btw are the side plugins (Items/RPG/Probending) still compatible with the 1.9/1.10 version?
This is the best plugin ever !!!! :-)
I upload this plugin and its awesome
This is so good