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Earthbending LavaSurge 2.0

Developed by Carbogen

"This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk."

First of all, some of you may be wondering:
  • "Isn't this a rip off of jedk1's mudsurge??"
  • "Carbo! Does this mean you are back?"
  • "Is it okay for you to do this?"
if so, please take a moment to read: http://pastebin.com/2D4uN0wm
Please bear in mind: much of the code this ability uses was extracted out of JedCore, and as such the authors are not just Carbogen (myself), but jedk1 as well.

In the show (I love this gif so much)
In the game
(can someone make a gif for me, pretty please? \^-^/ )

Sneak (default: Left Shift) while looking at an earthbendable block on the ground to select said block as a source. The block should turn into magma.
Swing (default: Left Click Mouse) in any direction to unleash a surge of lava in that direction (similar to JedCore's MudSurge).
A direct impact with one of the Magma Blocks will deal moderate damage, but this damage is multiplied by the amount of lava blocks one collides with. A hit entity will be knocked back and set on fire.
Because these blocks are entities, they can be redirected with knockback attacks like FireBlast, AirShield, (Water)Surge, and the like.


Please review the configuration options after installing! They are stored in
under the YAML path:
The configuration options are:
uint:Cooldown - usage cooldown time (milliseconds).
uint:FireTicks - amount of time an hit entity will be set on fire for (ticks).
uint:SourceRange - maximum distance where a user may select a source block (blocks).
udouble:Damage - amount of damage dealt on direct impact (half-hearts).
uint:Waves - number of magma waves that spawn when the ability is used (waves).
uint stands for Unsigned Integer. Do not use a negative value, fractions, or decimals.
udouble stands for Unsigned Double. Do not use a negative value. Remember to use a decimal point. (e.g. 5.0)
boolean is a binary value; it can only be one of either True or False.
tick is a 20th of a second; there are 20 ticks in one second.
Setting one of these options to an invalid value may lead to unexpected behavior.
I hope you enjoy LavaSurge!
-- Carbogen
Likes: Bumbullbee
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This is cool but i cant seem to Make it work :/
Good move, But messes up on my server when the magma blocks land on the ground they don't despawn. Please fix that ???