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ABANDONED PKComboModuleAPI v1.0.0

I've worked all afternoon into creating this, but at last here is the first release!

ProjectKorra ComboModule API

What does it do? Brace yourselves! With this plugin you may create Combo Abilities!!!

How does it work? You'll need to know Java as you'd need for any add-on... It's really just a modification of the official PK module manager which lets you implement combos...

What it does!

  • Create Combo Abilities!
  • Have up to 8 events which constitute your combo! (LeftClick, ShiftDown etc.)
  • Let you have more than 9 abilities on your hotbar! (like any combo.)
What is doesn't do! :(
  • Does not give a /bending help <combo> message!
Very early development.
Where do I put it?
Simply drop the jar file into your /plugins/ directory!​

How do I make a combo?

  1. Make a new Java Project.
  2. Set it up as you would a normal bindable ability.
  3. Leave the listener out (don't make one).
  4. For your information class, make sure it extends ComboModule.
  5. Add all the implemented methods.
    1. There is a new method called instantiateCombo(Player player).
      1. This method should contain your ability contructor call! (see below)
    2. Your onThisLoad() method will look a little different... (see below)
  6. Make another class for the ability.
  7. Write your ability in that class.
  8. Export into the /plugins/ProjectKorra/Combos/ folder.
For a Combo named Fissure:

instantiateCombo(Player player) should look like this:
public void instantiateCombo(Player player)
    new Fissure(player);
onThisLoad() should look like this:
public void onThisLoad()
       ArrayList<AbilityInformation> fissure = new ArrayList<AbilityInformation>();
       fissure.add(new AbilityInformation("Shockwave", ClickType.SHIFTDOWN));
       fissure.add(new AbilityInformation("Shockwave", ClickType.LEFTCLICK));
       fissure.add(new AbilityInformation("Eruption", ClickType.SHIFTUP));
       CombosManager.comboAbilityList.add(new ComboAbility("Fissure", fissure, this));

       ProjectKorra.plugin.getServer().getPluginManager().addPermission(new FissurePermissions().fissureDefault);
"This is not an official ProjectKorra plugin, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk."
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