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HighJump Replacement

Chiblocking HighJump Replacement 1.13

Minor Update
[~] Changed console "load" message.
[~] Minor design tweak (More to come!)

Having issues? PM me here on the forums!
Minor Update
[+] Added new effect when you tap shift to Jump (purely aesthetic)
[+] Added "Distance" option in the Config.yml file. This will define how FAR the user will jump where the "Height" option will determine how HIGH the user jumps.
      Cooldown: 5000
      Height: 1.3
      Distance: 1
I suggest keeping the distance at numbers between 1 and 3
[~] This is more of a notice for players who use the move. The jump is based on the direction you're looking; so your velocity can change depending on how far down/up you're looking. This being said, if you want to jump straight up you can look straight up/down (Default HighJump).

Having issues? PM me here on the forums!