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HighJump Replacement

Chiblocking HighJump Replacement 1.13

Updated to MC 1.16.1 & PK 1.8.9
- Improved internal code to be neater. Got rid of a lot of nonsense which was unneeded.
- Fixed a few aspects of ProjectKorra's API that were not being processed properly. Should fix the way this cooperates with any addons. For example, getCooldown() returned 0 at all times but now it returns the respective cooldown of what ever feature is being used.
- If the permission was not being registered as default due to this overriding the stock HighJump, it will now be registered manually.
  • Likely fixed a problem caused by the sneak listener. I've tested on my own, no outside testing has been done, and it works fine.
  • Added the ability to turn particles off.
  • Now compatible with Spigot 1.13.2 & ProjectKorra 1.8.8
  • Fixed an issue where the normal HighJump function only worked if you clicked while in the air.
Likes: TheWaterChief
Moderate Update
[~] Fixed DoubleJump not being included in the description or instructions.
[+] Added configurable description and instruction. (so if you disable a feature of this replacement, you can also remove it from the description or instruction).
[~] Added double jump to the Overview page as well as updated the configs, descriptions, and added language config.
Major Update
[+] Added DoubleJump feature.
[+] Added individual cooldowns.
[~] Fixed Lunge & Jump ground requirements.
Moderate Update
[~] Changed description.
[~] Optimized code.
[~] Reworked the whole config.

  • Added enable/disable options for each feature.
  • Added independent variables for each feature.
  • Organized it.
        Enabled: true
        Height: 1
        Enabled: true
        Height: 1
        Distance: 2
        Enabled: true
        Height: 1
        Distance: 2
      Cooldown: 5000
Moderate Update
Added Instruction and changed Description.
[+] Added LungeMultiplier config option.
      Cooldown: 5000
      Height: 1
      Distance: 1
      LungeMultiplier: 2
Lunge Multiplier: The amount that the distance is multiplied by when executing the Sprint+Click feature. Ex: Distance = 2 and LungeMultiplier = 3 then the distance for the Sprint+Click will be a 6.

[~] Changed Distance & Height to long allowing you to use decimal numbers. Ex: 1.2 or 10.5
[~] Code rearrangement and optimization.
[~] Animation changes; may be smoother.
[~] Fixed version number.
Minor Update
[+] Added Sprint+Click ability
While sprinting, and on the event of a click, you will lunge forward. Other abilities (Click and Shift) are still available.
Moderate Update
[+] Added classic Left-Click option as well as the shift.
[+] Added stop() method.
[~] Added CLOUD particles to the short animation.
[~] Works for ProjectKorra v1.8.6.
[~] Changed description and load messages.