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Side Plugin Bending Items 1.6.1

Bending Items is a side-plugin for ProjectKorra that allows server owners to create customized items that affect a player's bending abilities. The main benefit of this plugin is that items are defined entirely by config-style YAML files, allowing items to be easy to work with.

For more information, check out the github wiki.
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Latest updates

  1. v1.6.1 Update

    Changelog Added a Model option to item files, allowing for bending items to take in custom...

Latest reviews

Kudos to the brilliant mind behind Bending Items! Your work has added a thrilling layer of customization and creativity to my minecraft ProjectKorra experience. This side plugin has allowed me to craft their unique elemental items for players, and the seamless integration with ProjectKorra is commendable. It works in the latest version but there are some non-working aspects that can be ignored. I hope to see more updates and continued support for this fantastic plugin.