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  1. Simplicitee

    Side Plugin Bending Items 1.5.0

    Github Add custom items to your server that have various impacts on bending! Abilities can be modified through their attributes with items that are held, worn, or just present in the inventory!
  2. Adamskii6

    Is this plugin dead?

    I love this plugin so much and it's not working for me... Will it be revived? I miss everything about it... :(
  3. norman251

    Spice Up the Server

    Hello again everyone, and happy holidays! In celebration of the end-of-year holidays, I want to restart my server and make everything a little more interesting than it was last time. I think I could do this by: 1.) Increase the amount of involvement bending has in survival. I think that...
  4. Switch

    Thread On Items, Bending Effects Configuration

    Right, So I'm guessing that everyone who has played with the pkItems plugins config, knows about the bending effecting points "AirBlastRange" , "LightningChargeTime". So, I would like to personally ask all the devs currently working on the project if they could give a list of all the different...