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[Animation] Avatar Float

Side Plugin [Animation] Avatar Float 1.3

All this does is give a short animation on AvatarState activation as per suggestion: https://projectkorra.com/forum/threads/avatar-state-idea-please-look.13199/#post-84399
I didn't add the glow because I think that's a terrible idea. If you want a glow, there is a resource for it made by @PhanaticD here

Essentially when you activate AvatarState you'll slowly start to rise in the air with the Levitation potion effect. A sphere of "air" will start rushing around you and your eyes will start to glow. You are only in this immobile state for a short duration (or as defined by the configuration) and then you are released and can begin your AvatarState rampage. This is supposed to be for more of a rpg aspect so please don't complain about people not liking it in combat situations.

Just add to your plugins folder and restart your server.

You will need to either have this permission or be oped in order to use this animation. Without it, the animation will not show up.

Found in the ProjectKorra config yml file likely at the bottom.
    PlayGlow: true
    PlaySphere: true
    Duration: 6
    LevitationDuration: 5
PlayGlow: Refers to the eye glow. Will be turned off if set to false.
PlaySphere: Refers to the air sphere around the player. Will be turned off if set to false.
Duration: The time in seconds that the Avatar will float for.
LevitationDuration: The time in seconds that you will continue to rise. The higher the LevitationDuration, the higher the Avatar will get. Be aware it must be less than the 'Duration' variable because that ultimately decides when the animation ends.

Inspiration (use your memory i couldn't find a decent gif):


In game (it was hard getting a good representation of it that was small enough to upload. guess you'll have to download it):

This is not an official ProjectKorra plugin, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk.
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