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1.8.0 BETA 9 2016-1-3

Hey everyone! Hope you all enjoy these new features in addition to all the fixes we have been cranking out for you guys! One of the biggest additions this build is the ability to create presets in the newly generated presets.yml and assign them onto players! We also have a new copy command, some other shiny new preset stuff and pages to the Help and Who lists! Feedback always appreciated, remember to keep reporting those bugs!


  • Added presets.yml, used to define external presets
  • Added /b p b [preset] <player> capabilities for player presets
  • Added "bending.command.preset.bind.assign" node which allows players to assign their presets onto other players, default: op
  • Added ./b p b [external] <player> command to assign external presets to yourself or another player
  • Added "bending.command.preset.bind.external" node to determine whether players can bind external presets to themselves, default: op
  • Added "bending.command.preset.bind.external.other" node to determine whether players can bind external presets to others, default: op
  • Added loadExternalPresets() method to register all external presets
  • Added bindExternalPresets(player, name) method to bind an external preset
  • Added Pages to Help and Who commands
  • Added new /b copy [player] <player> command, allows you to copy the binds of [player] onto yourself or <player>
  • Added "bending.command.copy" node to use base command, default: true
  • Added "bending.command.copy.assign" node to assign players binds to other players, default: op
  • Added GrabRange config option to EarthSmash, used to determine how close you must be to grab a smash
  • Added SelectRange config option to EarthSmash, used to determine how close you must select to create a smash
  • Added cooldown config option to Torrent
  • Added "ShiftRequired" option to HealingWaters, make players shift in order to heal themselves

  • Fixed WaterArms Spear going through ice
  • Fixed players being able to select tempwater, although, I thought it was kinda cool to bend from bent ice and spouts so I added a config option to re-enable this feature called "CanBendFromBentBlocks"
  • Fixed IceSpiking IceSpike projectiles
  • Fixed Selecting flowing water
  • Fixed AirBurst deathmessage
  • Fixed IceSpike deathmessage
  • Fixed Bloodbending deathmessage
  • Fixed AirScooter randomly ending
  • Fixed AirScooter taking players meant to fly out of fly mode
  • Fixed ShockWave/AirBurst cooldown not influencing fall induced ShockWaves/AirBursts
  • Fixed WaterSpout sometimes not working
  • Fixed /b who list inconsistencies
  • Fixed presets being cleared if you attempt to bind them with no elements
  • Fixed "dead period" where water manip couldn't be redirected
  • Fixed IceBullet
  • Fixed "PhaseChange randomly not working"
  • Fixed EarthRevert dropping blocks
  • Fixed EarthSmash damage when blocks are broken
  • Fixed UpdateChecker for new website setup
  • Fixed EarthSmash cooldown/grab distance
  • Fixed WaterArms not being removed on element change

  • Removed AutoSourcing from IceBlast
Discussion question: Which time period do you prefer? The modern, new age world of Korra, or the traditional, old age world of Aang? Why?
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Very nice, 1 problem, if you do not have RPG installed it gives a shit load of errors, maybe a nice fix for BETA 10 :P
The old traditional one...it felt so much more detailed and open. I also just like the plot line and feel of the characters. LOK was okay, but i feel that ATLA was better. (my PERSONAL opinion XD)
You did a good job! Well done. We are all very happy.