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1.8.0 BETA 8 2015-12-30

Hey everyone! Major work has been done to ensure that this build fixes as many bugs as possible so we can add some pretty cool new stuff next build. This ranges from things like Presets (which now completely work!) and Auto/Dynamic sourcing. Developers, please be sure to read the change log as there were a few minor API changes. Please remember to report any and all bugs with applicable information! A simple "Its broken!" doesn't help us. Debugs and logs help us immensely!

  • Fixed IceWave Death Message
  • Fixed Fireburst Death Message
  • Fixed Nonbenders not appearing in /b who
  • Fixed various Cooldowns (Shockwave, Fireburst)
  • Fixed EarthSmash selectRange config option
  • Fixed Lava working with sand/metal if applicable
  • Fixed EarthSmash working with sand/metal if applicable
  • Fixed Metalbending
  • Fixed Auto/Dynamic toggles, now work as intended
  • Fixed EarthBlast/PlantArmor not Auto Sourcing correctly
  • Fixed Dynamic Sources making crazy deep holes
  • Fixed PlayerChangeCooldownEvent now returning the correct Cooldown
  • Fixed Bloodbending/Suffocate not allowing the selection of entities in transparent blocks
  • Fixed Bloodbending selecting/damaging players for only an instant
  • Fixed EarthArmor/PlantArmor dropping armor on death
  • Fixed miscalculated Surge wall distance
  • Fixed IceSpike projectile
  • Fixed players being offline in /b who lookup when they are online
  • Fixed exceptions causing the plugin to reload
  • Fixed Presets, now work as fully intended
  • Fixed Suffocation cancelling all shift events

  • Added isEarth(block) method to replace isEarthbendable(material), returns true if block is in Earthbendables config list
  • Added isEarthbendable(block), returns true if block is on the Earthbendable, Sandbendable, or Metalbendable config lists
  • Added metalbending capabilities to EarthSmash
  • Added reloadPresets(player) method
  • Added Cooldown config option to IceSpike

  • Removed Auto/Dynamic capabilities from various moves (Waterspout, IceSpike, IceBullet, WaterArms)
  • Removed isEarthbendable(material)

  • Changes bindPreset(player, string) to bindPreset(player, Preset)
Changed Preset.save() to Preset.save(player)

Thought I'd do a quick discussion question, seeing as they are so successful on other threads. What nation is your favorite and why? Ideally answers besides "I like firebending so the fire nation!" would be much appreciated :p
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