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1.8.0 BETA 7 2015-12-26

Hey everyone. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! Be sure to read through this change log as it covers a lot of new features and important fixes!

New feature! Auto Sourcing
This great new feature gives earth and water benders the ability to pull random source blocks from around them without having to directly select them.
The range of auto sourcing is a lot smaller than normal dynamic/direct selecting and doesn't override the old system either, by manually selecting a source you "opt" in to dynamic.

However, don't worry server owners, Auto sourcing has its own options for everything, from cooldowns to which abilities can take advantage of it. If you don't want it on your server simply turn it off. In addition to auto sourcing toggles we have also added toggle options for dynamic as well. I know quiet a few people wanted the options to control that and now you can! It's even move specific!

Currently is supported by the following moves...
Ice Blast
Ice Spike
Octopus Form
Plant Armor
Water Manipulation
Water Wave
Earth Armor
Earth Blast

We have also revamped the way Source lists work, currently only earth is implemented, as it needed it the most. Each material list is separate and completely configurable! Currently there are lists for Sand, Metal and Earth, players gain access to separate lists based on the sub elements they have assigned to them. Example: Players with the sand bending node are able to use both the Earth and Sand list, but not the Metal. Expect more lists coming soon, maybe Plant? Ice? Lava?

These great new in-game mechanics have also been made completely available to all the developers in the community as well. As of now two new methods have been created to implement the new sourcing systems. Here are the two main examples you will need to use. These are to called to select a water/earth source.

Be sure to check out the other changes made to the BlockSource class! Its well documented and there is loads more. The things I haven't discussed in this post, such as implementing auto and how to adapt your addons to the new system, will be in a follow up post which will be released soon.

Big shoutout to @grasshopperMatt for his work on AutoSourcing!

  • Added various missing autotab arguments
  • Added bubbles to Watermanip/Torrent when underwater so you can better see where they are
  • Added accessor and mutator for ability cooldown in PlayerCooldownChangeEvent
  • Added shiftmodifier config value for Catapult (determines how much weaker shift version is)
  • Added config options for dynamic sourcing
  • Added various new cooldown config options to moves (AirBurst, Flight, OctopusForm, Catapult, RaiseEarth, EarthGrab, Shockwave, Blaze, FireBurst, and PhaseChange)
  • Added new list behavior to /bending who, if no username argument is passed in, it will list all players and show which elements they have.
  • Added toggled elements display to bending who
  • Added 30 second timeout on Updater
  • Added isMetalbendable(Player player, Material mat) method in EarthMethods
  • Added element parameter to /b remove to remove a specific element
  • Added bending.admin.toggle permission, used for toggling elements of another player

  • Fixed typo in Airburst and Fireburst
  • Fixed missing Element/Subelement args in velocity damage
  • Fixed avatar death message color
  • Fixed NPE in Charged Fireblast
  • Fixed NPE in FireBurst
  • Fixed NPE in ChiCombo
  • Fixed NPE in WaterWave
  • Fixed NPE in AirScooter
  • Fixed BendingPlayer NPE on logout
  • Fixed ConcurrentModificationException in ChiCombo
  • Fixed MultliAbilities not supporting Avatar Abilities
  • Fixed AirShield not blocking earth and water abilities.
  • Fixed AirSwipe stopping when it hit a non living entity
  • Fixed AutoTab not allowing player names with who command
  • Fixed Permare remove command permissions
  • Fixed HorizontalVelocity to not being removed from instances when landing and not hitting walls and still adding entities to instance when disabled
  • Fixed OP's not having all bending perms
  • Fixed bending being activated on interactions
  • Fixed fly glitch with spouts and tornado
  • Fixed Element aliases
  • Fixed EarthSmash having problems with metal blocks
  • Fixed getEntitiesAroundPoint getting players in spectator
  • Fixed prefixes showing "null" for players without an element
  • Fixed WaterArms Freeze going through ice
  • Fixed bloodbending not being able to effect players in non-solid blocks


  • Changed getBendingPlayer to be more exact with uuids
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  1. Fixes minor /b who issue.

    Fixed /b who not displaying players who have no elements.

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