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1.8.0 BETA 5 2015-09-26

Woo! Beta 5, that was fast! This build focused mainly on massive improvements to Death Messages, thanks to @jedk1 for rewriting most of the system to fix various issues and add combo support! However, developers need to be weary of this and update all addons which use the damageEntity() method (it now requires an ability name String argument) or else your addons won't be able to so damage!

Example: GeneralMethods.damageEntity(user, target, , ”OmniBlast”) ;

  • General Changes
    • Fixed various command argument issues (commands should be all good now)
    • Fixed NPE in the canBend() method.
    • Big Death Messages rework, correct abilities will now be displayed and combos are now supported.
  • Waterbending Changes
    • Fixed IceBullet, now has a duration of 10 seconds by default.
    • Fixed IceBlast death message.
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I download it. I hope this beta will be good!